Just a reminder....if you are reading any of my older posts and you click on a link for a cutting file that is no longer valid..PLEASE REMEMBER you can go to the top of my blog page and click on the "My Cutting Files" Tab and it will take you to my dropbox account where you can do a search for that file name and download the file directly from there.
Thank you so much!!
Penny Duncan

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Monday, January 31, 2011


Hey Everyone….HAPPY MONDAY!!!!  Thanks for coming  back by to check with me if you did!!!!  I hope you all slept well….Can’t believe the weekend is already over!!!  We’re supposed to get some of that icey stuff tonight and tomorrow but not near as much as those to the North of us so I pray you are all safe and don’t lose power!!!!!

Sooooooooooooooooooo….It’s the day to announce my blog-give-away winner!!!!!!!  I have absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED reading ALL  of the amazing comments on my blog…You all ROCK so much and know so well how to make someone sincerely feel special!!!!! 

So I shared in my post I was going to do a give-away to one winner….Welllllllllllllllllllll….I changed my mind and have decided on 2!!!!  I hope you don’t mind…….So who are the winners……???????!!!!! 


Shanta said...

My goodness!! your work just amazes me! I love everything you create!Such a wonderful treat!


Sue in CT said...

I love it!!! I need to make one for my daughter (although she will be 31 on her birthday. We had this thing going for years and years mostly at Christmas but could be for anything, even Valentines day where I would buy her something with M&M men on it (she hates them) and next event I get it back wrapped up. Ever see the traveling pants? Well, we have traveling M&Ms.
Thanks for the file and also great give-a-way. No need to tell you what I hope I win....LOL.


I really wish I could afford to give these to everyone cause you all ROCK….but my pocket won’t like me very well!!!! 

I hope you ladies will enjoy My Cut File discs and the roses……….

THANK YOU ALL so much for stopping by to visit with me…….I pray you all have a very safe and blessed week…and I do hope you will come by again….Until then….

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Hey Everyone…I hope you’ve all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!! It’s been a crazy one for me……Had my first class I taught this past Saturday (which I believe went VERY well….) then today it was services for my Step-Dad who passed away last week…but all in all it was a GOOD Day….

So now I’m home and able to sit in front of my computer and it’s time to announce the winner from MY Blog Hop for Debbie’s Birthday Blog Hop…..Read to know who it was?????????


Tanya said...

WOW!! FABULOUS!! You did an amazing job!! I am a new follower and looked at other work, WOW!! You are amazing!! I'm glad I "hopped" into you. ;)

January 24, 2011 11:15 AM

THANK YOU so much EVERYONE for stopping by to visit with me and everyone’s blogs who played along!!!!!!!! 

Off to catch up on emails before night night!!! Be sure to check in the morning to see who the the winner is for the MTC blog hop!!!!! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

It’s a MAKE THE CUT Blog Hop!!! Wahoooo!!!

Hey Everyone….HAPPY FRIDAY to you all!!!!!  I’m SO ready for the weekend!!!! ANDDDDDD….It’s the beginning of another Blog Hop!!!!
This blog hop is hosted by Zenita: & Dana and I'm SO honored to be a part of it!!!!!!
So what did I make to show you I’m LOVING my Make The Cut (MTC) program…..AND MY own handwriting font that Dana @ made for ME!!!!!????
Well I had a request for a Birthday Card for an order the other day and I knew the person LOVES M&M’s……so I figured hummmm….that would be FUN to have actual M&M’s on the card!!! LOL…..So I decided to draw some and make a cut file………Check it out!!!

I used my UTEE (Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel) to make the M&M bodies like a “candy coating” shiney…..they were a HUGE HUGE hit!!!!!  Check out the beads with the “M”’s on them…too funny huh!!!  Notice the font the speak bubbles are written with and the inside of the card…….Welllll…that’s MY handwriting turned into a font…How COOL is that!!!!  And it’s REALLY what my writing looks like when you see it on paper….Dana did an AMAZING job creating it for me….I’ve tried my hand at making my own font in the past but it’s not neat and straight and realistic like this is…she really takes her time to give the realistic look you want……If you want to get YOUR handwriting into a font you’ve GOT to check out her site….…….
Now on the Banner……”Happy Birthday Marie”….Well I used my Amy Chomas Sharpie Holder……..worked PERFECTLY for the look I was trying to achieve……If you don’t have Amy’s Micro Sharpie Holder you’ve GOT to check it out……it’s VERY VERY COOL!!!!!
So I thought I would share the file with you I created in case any of you might be interested in it…….Notice there’s a birthday cake file in it..well I didn’t like it after I had it on the card so I removed it and replaced with the Banner……..The cake is still there but it also contains the banner….just so you know…..
Now you ask……Are YOU giving anything away Penny????? Well….YES I am…..and I hope you might like it…….I’m going to give away to 1 lucky winner  my 2 Disc Set of My Cut Files so you have it for quick reference……AND an 8pc set of my 1” Roses & a 3 pc set of my 1” Long Stem Roses……you can see the goodies below!!!!
So I HOPE you like these!!!!!  If you do and you want a chance to win……just leave me some blog love!!!!  That’s it…that’s all you gotta do……BUT…You also don’t want to miss out on the REST of the amazing ARTists that are playing along!!!! Who are they you ask????? Well here’s the list!!!!
So Hop on around the blogs…see all their AMAZING creations and leave them some love too!!!! The Hop runs from 1/28/2011 – 1/30/2011!!!
As always…THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me and I pray you all have a VERY blessed weekend!!!! Please come by again…until next time…

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Tuesday Everyone….Something EXCITING….TO ME!!!

Hey All…I hope you are all having a VERY blessed week!!!! Mine was totally made for me yesterday with an email from Peggy with  She shared with me that she wanted to display some of MY ART at CHA that I had used their Cri-kit products on….would I be willing to get them packaged and in the mail to her ASAP???? Welllllllllllllll….HECK YEAH!!!  What an HONOR!!!!
I SO love all of their products as you already know!!! They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!!  She wanted me to send a piece where I had used the metal and the embossing tool……DARN…I had already sold all the pieces I had created using the metal so I decided to try and work something up last night so I could get the package in the mail today…….so I came home and immediately got busy….Wanna see what I came up with??????

Yeah Yeah Yeah…I know what you’re going to say…..”Girl… sure do use a lot of roses!!!!”  But I can’t help myself…I just LOVE roses…….they might know know that though huh??!!!

On the box you’ll notice ribbon wrapped around it…..Wellllllllllllll…the reason for that is because this was  box I had made the other day and it was the wrong size for my project… I sat it aside to use on something in the future…..well it works out it’s the right outside dimensions…BUT…it wasn’t near deep enough…sooooooooooooo…I tried to figure a way to make it work…….I came up with the idea of using chip board  around the inside to raise to the height I needed then wrapped the ribbon around to blend all in together….then I used some of that same ribbon on the band to go around the box……Kinda worked out OK don’t cha think????
So…..My brain was working on what I could do to create a special piece…….so I created some new cut/embossing files…..thought I would share them below in case anyone might be interested……


I also used some of the new Core Impressions by Graphic 45 isn’t it COOL…..I sanded it down a bit then distressed the edges with some of my Chalk Inks……I’m really happy with the way this piece came out….I sure hope they like it!!!!!
Thanks for sharing in my excitement with me!!!!!!  You’ve know idea what it means to me…and THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me…I pray you all have a very blessed day!!!!  I hope you’ll come by again…until next time…..

Monday, January 24, 2011

It’s Time……for Debbie Mentz’s Birthday Blog Hop!!!!

First and foremost….HAPPY BIRTHDAY Debbie!!! I hope you are having fun celebrating Your Birthday!!! Then 2ndly…I’m EXCITED to Hop on around with you and your buddies around cyber world to help celebrate with you and to invite anyone who stops by my blog!!!!
So….Here’s my creation to Shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!  This is for an order I had and felt it was PERFECT to also wish Debbie Happy Birthday!!!!

Isn’t it CUTE!!!!  So the person this is actually for LOVES Glee…so I thought…hummmmm why not Glee themed Birthday card…..So I went with it……It was A LOT of fun and when I delivered it to the Mom who will be giving it to her daughter she LOVED it!!! Which made me SMILE!!!!!!
And…as always….LOL I used my Cri-Kit Pens/Holder in the creation of this card!!! I just can’t say I LOVE THEM enough!!!!!  AND…..I also did the majority of the creation of this file in MTC!!!!
So…you ask…..who else is playing along in this blog hop….well….check it out below….you don’t want to miss any of them!!! :
Sarah aka Pink Cricut


So…………………what are we giving away????? Wellllllllllllllllllllllllll……Check this out…..this awesome handy dandy little tool!!!!!

Picture Keeper’s method of backing up photos is SO simple anyone can do it!
  • Plug the small USB drive into any USB port on your computer.
  • Click “Start Backup”.
  • Picture Keeper finds and saves all your image files to the USB device!
Cool Facts:
  • You can back up your images easily anytime after your initial backup – it only saves the new or changed images next time.
  • You have the ability to save pictures on multiple PCs.
  • You can go with advanced options and pick and choose what types of files or which folders you want to save.
Picture Keeper comes in three size options: 4 GB typically holds about 4,000 pictures, 8 GB holds 8,000 pictures, and 16 GB holds 16,000 pictures. Find out what size Picture Keeper you’ll need by following these directions on your PC. But keep in mind that if your picture is bigger than 1 mega pixel them your Picture Keeper will not hold the recommended amount you chose Example if you purchased the 4.000 GB but it the picture you took is bigger than a 1GB than you will not get 4,000. It will hold less.
Click here for full product info and specifications.
"We would like to send a special thanks to Picture Keeper for sponsoring the Birthday Blog Hop.  Each of the bloggers will be giving away 1 4GB Picture Keeper on our blog at  the end of the week.  You will need to "like/follow" Picture Keeper on Facebook in order to win the raffle.”
Ok…….so how cool is that!!!!! So leave me a comment letting me know what you think of this card…….and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be sure to include a way for me to get in touch with you……..and I’ll be drawing the name from my blog on Saturday Morning the 29th…..and announcing the lucky winner!!!!! 
I pray you all have a VERY blessed week!!! Thank you SO much for stopping by to visit with me……I do so hope you will come by again!!!! Until next time!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Treasurebox Design Teddy Bear…..

Hey Everyone…HAPPY SUNDAY!!! I hope you’ve all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!! Whew………….I am POOPED!!!!  So I have my class next weekend and I’ve been preparing for that all week….still have a few things left to do……and it will be here before I know it!!! 
BUT…..I DID have time to MAKE something…..Dina and Amanda with Treasure Box Designs asked if I would use Dina’s Teddy Bear and create something using the file……in a Vintagy Shabby Chic kind of feel using some of my handmade roses….…Hummmmmmmmmmmm….I LOVED the idea so I decided to take them up on it……Remember earlier in the week when I shared some of my latest roses with you and had shared I would be using some of my long stem roses in a creation….well…this is it……..I REALLY hope you like it!!!!

Is their TEDDY BEAR not the CUTEST thing ever!!!!!!  If you would like to get their Teddy Bear file by Treasure Box Designs…you may find it here…..
Now All the other items for the creation are mine……the roses the card base and the ivy………I’m happy with the way it turned out…what do you think????  

I thought I would go ahead and share the PDC Vine file with you and a reminder for the PDC Side Step Card for you if you would like it…….

As usual I also used my Cri-kit Pens/Holder with the creation and just LOVE THEM!!!!!  If you don’t have yours yet….you REALLY ought to give it some thought….I just KNOW you’ll be the happiest camper if you have them….Also…Oh I just HAVE to share this too……I did most all of my creation for this card/box in MTC ONLY…….How about that!!!!  And when I needed to tweek a node or two I simply copied the file and pasted in Inkscape…when I was done I just copied an the pasted back into MTC….EASY PEASY!!!! I SO SO SO SO find myself using Inkscape less and less because of the AMAZING features in MTC….It ROCKS!!!!
Ok…Now off I go to work on the next post I’ll be doing which is for the Birthday Blog Hop with Debbie Mentz!!!! It should be FUN and I’ll be having a GIVE-A-WAY also!!! so don’t forget to check out my blog tomorrow!!!! 
As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me….I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED Monday!!! Please come by again….until next time!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy HUMP Day Everyone……

I hope you are all having a wonderful day….I’m going to attempt to slide into work!!   Wish me well…….So I thought I would share with you a couple of things…….
So….I’m getting ready to teach my class right…Welllllllllllllllllll….while preparing for it and doing the mock up…it’s SMART if you REMEMBER the paper line you’re using so the store owner can purchase enough of the same style to complete the class (this is important because I have A LOT of my designer papers seperated by style out of their paper stacks..I’ve since STOPPED doing that)….LOL  1st lesson learned…..Hehehehe…I “think” I know the line of the paper and the designer but I’m not 1000% sure…sooooooooooooooo what do to…..create a 2nd option for the class….Can you say…”Penny you’re an idiot!!!!”  ROFL….So While at the store the other day we decided for me to make another paper design incase she can’t get the first design……so here’s the 2nd color and paper design that we “may” be using….and I do have to say…I REALLY like this one too…what do you think?????

I’m SUCH a goofball I tell ya……but I am quite happy with the 2nd option…LOL
I wish you ALL a very blessed day!!! Stay safe and warm and I hope you will  come by again…..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Help for Katie

Hey Everyone.....I just wanted to take a couple minutes out of my day to share this info with you...I think it's a VERY good reason too........This was brought to my attention by a wonderful lady named Shannon and something I sincerely feel needs to be shared with the world...the more prayers the better!!!!

This is the post from her friend Jak's blog...

Help for Katie

It is with a saddened heart that I am writing to ask for your help.

If ever you have drawn inspiration or ideas from my work, downloaded the many freebies that I give away I am now giving you the opportunity to give something back and do some good for a very dear family.
I would be thrilled if you would tell everyone about this fundraising be it blogs/facebook/twitter/forums or anywhere that will allow it
Katie Emmerson Renz married to Kevin with 3 beautiful boys the twins Nate & Will aged 5 and Hunter aged 10 had some news just before Christmas that has rocked their world as they know it.

Katie has been diagnosed with stage 4 Stomach Cancer and is currently undergoing her only option which is Chemotherapy.

Katie is a fellow crafter and is loved within the crafting can read Katie's story on her own blog here but before you leave me I want you to see what all of the dedicated talented artists have designed for the Help for Katie cause.

You can read about Katie's journey here.........
MY PAPER HAVEN: Statistics: "Hello friends, it has been 11 days since my first chemo treatment. I can say that each day recently, I have felt better and stronger. ..."

And check out the amazing digi benefit her friend Jak is hosting here.....

I have definately added Kathie and her family to my prayers and know the Lord is embracing them all!!!!

Thank you for taking time to read this...I hope you are all having a very blessed day!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Hey Everyone….I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend!!!! It’s brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr cold here again!!!! Though we have NO snow…..can’t say that everyone in the US from what I hear………
I’m excited to share with you all that My 1st Class I will be teaching has been scheduled!!! How Exciting!!!!!  I’m going to be teaching at a local Scrapbook store in my area called The Corner Crop….
The Corner Crop

When you ask????? (well maybe you didn’t but I’ll share anyway… )
January 29th, 2011 from 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m
Wanna see what we’re going to create?????

I’ll be introducing the participants to the world of Make The Cut (MTC) and how it will become their Cricut’s NEW BFF!!!
I’ll also be introducing them to the AMAZING world of the Cri-Kit Pens/Holder and how FANTASTIC Make The Cut (MTC) and Cri-Kits get along…..they’re a marriage in the making!!! ROFL….Oh I crack myself up sometimes!!!!
Does that sound fun???? I sure hope so….I’m really looking forward to it……So, if any of you happen to live close to Evansville, IN and are interested you might want to check it out….You know what else???? I’m going to be giving away a set of the Cri-Kit Pens and a Holder to one lucky winner at the end of class!!!!  I’m excited about that…cause I just KNOW they are going to fall in love with them!!!!
Ok….Just wanted to drop in and say “Hey”…so “Hey”…LOL…THANKS for checking out what we’ll be making…sure hope you like it……As always….THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me…I hope you’ll come by again!!!!! I also wish you all a VERY blessed week!!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Good Sunday Afternoon Everyone….first let me start off by saying I am TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY with the love and support and FORGIVENESS I have received from so many!!!  You honestly have NO IDEA what your words mean to me and I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!!!!!
My aunt called me this morning and I shared with her what had happened…..and that I had decided to just pull all of my files….she knows how much I enjoy sharing and giving back so she got in her car and came over to give me a what for!!! LOL  Gotta love the mom like figures!!! I love her dearly and she knows me SO well!!!  So she and I sit and chatted a while and she shared (like SO MANY of you have said) that I should not stop giving and sharing…. and she knows that’s not what I want either…..
So I decided to go through every file with a fine tooth comb and pull ANY files I remember specifically being asked to create from an image sent to me……if I wasn’t able to confirm it definitely was safe I removed the file…..and have now reposted all my files……of all my files I’ve made I only had to remove a handful from hundreds of files… hopefully they won’t be missed……

And to kick of me continuing to share here are a couple of cut files I had done the past couple of days……if you would like to have them, please find the links below….

Ok…….Back I go to trying to create!!!! I hope you all enjoy the remainder of your Sunday!!! I know I feel like the Lord has truly blessed me with some AMAZING online friends!!!!!!  THANK YOU so much for your support and love….I pray you all enjoy a very blessed week…..Please come by again…until next time…..