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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas……and Hydrangia…. ;)

Hey Everyone…..I hope you are all enjoying a WONDERFUL Christmas with your family and friends!!!!!  We have had a very nice and low key celebration and I’ve had some time to play with paper and create a few things I thought I would share with you…..
So the first thing I would like to share is a new flower design I’ve created…..I was challenged by a friend named Caroline to come up with a Hydrangea flower… I took her up on it…here’s what I came up with…..

So….what do you think????????  Does it remind you of a Hydrangia????  If it does and you would like to see how I created it….check out my tutorial……

I so hope you liked it……and if so and you would like to have the cut file…you can find it below……

I also needed a few money cards for Christmas gifts we gave this year…….I wanted to make them different then you normally see……so I thought I would share my creations with you along with the cut files if any of you may be interested for next year??????  I have had A LOT of fun making these and will be working up more in the future for different occassions……
This first design is the one I made for my two boys……..While making all of these I really utilized my Cri-Kit Embossing Tip/Holder and my Cri-Kit Pens/Holder they worked SO AWESOME!!!  I also am THRILLED to say that I created ALL OF THESE in MTC solely!!!!  I was super excited about that being able to completely create from start to finish a project!!!! 

Then I needed to do a couple for Craig’s little cousins……

After drawing out the text I used the Cri-Kit Pens to color the insides of the fonts…..OMG…their pens flow SO SMOOTHLY!!!!  Colored in like butter and was relaxing to do!!!!!  What’s so COOL is I drew the font out then cut extremely close to the font around so if I didn’t want to use a background to them I didn’t have to….I’ll be doing this A LOT more often in the future……
Don’t forget……….if you get hooked on the on the Cri-Kit Pens and want some for yourself or even their Cri-Kit embossing tool…….you can still get 10% off your order of $30.00 or more if you use COUPON CODE  penny10 …..I think this is SUCH an awesome idea!!!!!!!  And I’m SO honored to be able to share that with you!!!!
Ok….That’s it for me tonight……getting ready to go watch a movie with the family!!!  THANK YOU ALL so much for stopping by to visit with me!!!! I pray you all have a VERY Blessed Sunday!!!! THANK YOU so much for stopping by….I do hope you will come by again……Until then…..

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