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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here we are…..another Sunday!!!

I hope you’ve all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!! WOW I can’t believe it’s Sunday already!!!! But the nice thing is….it’s only a 3 day work week!!! Yeahhhhh!!!!  I’m looking forward to a long weekend and I will NOT be one of those shopping on Friday Morning!!! I leave space out  there for all of you who love it so!!  
So I needed to complete a swap for some Christmas Tags for a swap in my ARTHaven group…….so I took a file I had created last year and brought into MTC Beta 3.0 and tweeked it a bit….one of the things I used was the FUN Lattice Feature in the program….I LOVE IT!!!!  I wanted to use the new Embossing Tool Amy Chomas had sent me so I decided to create a lattice affect layer and then embossed some vellum with the tool and the lattice design….once I had  the embossing done I then switched out the embossing tool for the Sharpie holder and used the micro ultra fine sharpie in Red…LOVE how it turned out……then I used a red glittery pen and colored in the lines……Then I created the rest of the stocking….I like how it turned out…..thought I would share the creation with you….

These are really cute in person….I used some of the Imaginiscense in the white with my heating tool on the crosses of the lattice to give it a bit of a button tuffted affect…..then used some hot glue and glued some mini bells on…..SUPER easy and but I think they are adorable!!!!
So if any of you are interested I thought I would share with you the cut files in all the formats I’ve converted it to………

I worked up another Center Rise card the other day from a request I had…..thought I would go ahead and share that with you as well….maybe someone will be interested….

Okie dokie…..that’s it for me tonight!!!!! THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me!!!!! Now off to see what I create for Amy Chomas’s upcoming blog hop!!!! I hope you all have a VERY blessed week!!!!!  Please come by again…until next time……

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