Just a reminder....if you are reading any of my older posts and you click on a link for a cutting file that is no longer valid..PLEASE REMEMBER you can go to the top of my blog page and click on the "My Cutting Files" Tab and it will take you to my dropbox account where you can do a search for that file name and download the file directly from there.
Thank you so much!!
Penny Duncan

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

An Awesome Blog Award!!!!!

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend I was so blessed to receive an Award from not one amazing fellow blogger but TWO!!!  How awesome is that….check out my award!!!
So you best believe I feel pretty darn special!!!! The  two amazing ladies I received this award from are……Auntie Marge with  and….. Debra with …..THANK YOU so much ladies!!!!! I love it and it does look “STYLISH” on my blog….
Ok…Here are the details of the award………
1. Thank the person who awarded you
2.Share 8 things about yourself it forward to 8 bloggers that you have recently discovered.
4.Contact bloggers and tell them about their award!
Ok…… #1 (check)….now on to #2….Hummmmmm……let’s see…….
1.)  I’m ADDICTED to paper and my ART tools!!! HA (like THAT’S a surprise!!)
2.)  When I was in High School (a looooonnnngggg time ago)……there I said it before anyone else could…..LOL  I was President of our OEA (Office Education Association) club, Editor of our School Paper, Magna Cumulate of my Senior Class, and Who’s Who of American High School Students….HA HA….A LOT of good all that does me today…RIGHT!!! ???
3.)  I’m scare of horses……Yep….sure am…they are WAY too far off the ground for my likin’….hummmm might have something to do with the fact I GOT THROWN OFF ONE AS A CHILD!!!! LOL…Ok…I feel better now!!!
4.)  I’m a CHRISTIAN and proud of it!!! (Like that isn’t evident all over my blog)
5.)  When I was a child I always thought I wanted to be a school teacher…..(hummmmm…safe bet to say if that took place there would be a lot of kiddos with no heads because I would have had to pinch  them off…..MY boys included!!!)  Hehehehe….so being an Administrative Assistant was my best choice!!!
6.)  When I was 9 years old I was in a horrible car accident that put me on crutches for 2 years and had to learn how to walk again…..You know what…crutches and STAIRS don’t go well together!!!   I SO well remember a tumble down this one particular stair case at my elementary school….It WASN’T fun!!! LOL
7.)  I’ve never traveled outside of the US
8.)  My ideal version of a weekend is to spend it in my ARTHaven……I will allow hubby a couple hours of visitation and my boys can come in and tell me how much they love me….but then it’s ME time again!!!!!   LOL
OK…….#2 (check)….now on to Step #3…..Sharing with 8 new bloggers I’ve come to know…This will be FUN!!!! But which ones is the hard part…there are SO many amazing ones out there!!!!!!
1.) Susana with -
2.) Bianca with -
3.) Leanne with -
4.) Dana with -
5.) DB Kaarten with -
6.) Stef with -
7.) Suzanne with -
8.)  Page with -
Whew….that was HARD!!!! There are SO many I just LOVE….take one good look at my Google Reader list and you’ll know that for fact!!!!!  All of these ladies do AMAZING ART and I’m So thrilled to have found their blogs……
So #3 (check)…..Now I’m off to do #4 and that’s to tell them all about their award!!!!  THANK YOU for giggling along with me (I hope) and stopping by to visit with me….I do hope you’ll come by I promise I’ll have some files or ART to share!!!! Until then….I pray you all have a VERY blessed day!!!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

So We Come to the End of Another…..

Long Weekend!!!!!  WOWZERS it goes by so darn fast….I hope you all enjoyed a WONDERFUL Holiday Weekend with Family and Friends!!!!  And I pray we all remember all  that we have to be Thankful for me there are many things!!!!! 
First and foremost I am SO THANKFUL for my Faith in my Savior!!!  Without Him I would be eternally lost!!!!  Then I am thankful for my family….my amazing husband and awesome boys!!!!  My passion for my ART and my family support for that passion!!!  For all the amazing online friends I’ve been blessed with knowing and building lifelong friendships with!!!!  and the list goes on and on…..BUT…I would also like to share with you some things I actually got to make this weekend!!!!
I didn’t accomplish near as much as I wanted……but I did get some things made…..first I’m going to share with you the things I made then  I’ll share some other files I created….maybe some will be interested in them……

Check out this tag I have to share with you I LOVE LOVE LOVE….it turned out SO cute!!!!!!  I hope you like her too….

Again I used my Cri-Kit Pens writing the phrase on the inside!!! It makes is SO NICE to do this that way I get them placed perfectly inside the tag!!!!!  On the hair and “icing” on the arms I used some Deco Art Acrylic Dimensional Writer “stuff” gives it a “puffy” feel….a lot like icing that has hardened!!! It’s really pretty cool….and of course I added the wiggly eyes!!!!  Do you like her??? I think she’s adorable!!!!
So if you like her and you would like the file… can find her here…..
Now I thought I would just share with you some files I made from requests I had received…….Maybe some of you might enjoy them as well??????

And these last ones I’ve just enjoyed making……thinking maybe some others might enjoy them????

OMG…I “think” I’ve actually came to the end of my new files for tonight!!! WHEW!!!! LOL….Are you all sick of me yet!!!!   I hope you might find something here you like!!!! Would love to hear what you think if you have moment….I also hope you’ll come back and visit with me again as I do have more things I’ll be working on…….
As always…THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me…I pray you all have a very blessed week!!!! Until next time…..

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Blog Hop Day 2!!!!

WOWZERS……THANK YOU EVERYONE for your AWESOME comments yesterday and so far today!!! I’m blown away by all the amazing comments!!!!!  Tickles me I tell ya!!!!
So…I FINALLY got the files converted to all the formats……THANK YOU for your patience with me………..So if you liked them you may download them below…..

So just a reminder of the participants in the blog hop!!!!!  Don’t miss any of them as there is some amazing ART!!!!
Amy Chomas:
Amber Holden:
Donna Mundinger:
Maria McGuire:
Penny Duncan:
Susan Edwards:
Jin Yong:
Dana Ansell:
Samantha :
I just want to wish you all a VERY BLESSED AND HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


So HERE WE ARE!!!!! The day the FUN begins….You don’t want to miss out!!!!  Last night however my computer decided to lose it’s mind and not cooperate so my project isn’t “quite” finished yet!!!….. But I’m FINALLY getting to work on it……WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOO I GOT IT DONE before I left for work!!!!!  I really liked how it turned out…….In my creation I used the  Amy Chomas Embossing Tool, and Gel Pens with Holder…..I used the embossing tool on the leaves as well as the gel pens with holder…..kinda defined the leaves a bit…..I also used the embossing tool to make the score lines on the card, the door and the hinges……AWESOME for doing that……I will be using this type of scoring line from now on…it’s A LOT FASTER, making your score lines with the embossing tool then with the dashed lines!!! Wahoooooooooo….If for nothing else the embossing tool is FANTASTIC for that!!!!

To create this card I took an old file of mine and tweeked it using the lattice affect in the Make the Cut Beta 3 program  and then I also drew a new file…the wreath…I didn’t have time this morning to get it converted into all formats…so I will work on that tonight…If you would like to stop back by I WILL be sharing these files once I get them all converted……
NOW…..Hop on over to the next blog and check out their creations!!!! Don’t miss the fun……this blog hop runs from….Tuesday November 23rd and run it through the 24th….also don’t forget to click on the image for the blog hop above to see what you have the chance to win!!!!  But you’ve got to make it through all the blogs to be eligible!!!!  Don’t miss out!!!!
Blog list
Now.... the next stop on the hop is with
Amy Chomas:
Amber Holden:
Donna Mundinger:
Maria McGuire:
Penny Duncan:
Susan Edwards:
Jin Yong:
Dana Ansell:
Samantha :
THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me!!!!!  It totally makes my day!!! Would LOVE to hear what you think about the card……Also Check out the Facebook link…..
Have a very blessed day everyone….Until later…..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Here we are…..another Sunday!!!

I hope you’ve all had a WONDERFUL weekend!!!! WOW I can’t believe it’s Sunday already!!!! But the nice thing is….it’s only a 3 day work week!!! Yeahhhhh!!!!  I’m looking forward to a long weekend and I will NOT be one of those shopping on Friday Morning!!! I leave space out  there for all of you who love it so!!  
So I needed to complete a swap for some Christmas Tags for a swap in my ARTHaven group…….so I took a file I had created last year and brought into MTC Beta 3.0 and tweeked it a bit….one of the things I used was the FUN Lattice Feature in the program….I LOVE IT!!!!  I wanted to use the new Embossing Tool Amy Chomas had sent me so I decided to create a lattice affect layer and then embossed some vellum with the tool and the lattice design….once I had  the embossing done I then switched out the embossing tool for the Sharpie holder and used the micro ultra fine sharpie in Red…LOVE how it turned out……then I used a red glittery pen and colored in the lines……Then I created the rest of the stocking….I like how it turned out…..thought I would share the creation with you….

These are really cute in person….I used some of the Imaginiscense in the white with my heating tool on the crosses of the lattice to give it a bit of a button tuffted affect…..then used some hot glue and glued some mini bells on…..SUPER easy and but I think they are adorable!!!!
So if any of you are interested I thought I would share with you the cut files in all the formats I’ve converted it to………

I worked up another Center Rise card the other day from a request I had…..thought I would go ahead and share that with you as well….maybe someone will be interested….

Okie dokie…..that’s it for me tonight!!!!! THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me!!!!! Now off to see what I create for Amy Chomas’s upcoming blog hop!!!! I hope you all have a VERY blessed week!!!!!  Please come by again…until next time……

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I just wanted to send out a HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who showed me such WONDERFUL support after the Anonymous poster left  their nasty comments….I have decided that since I’ve openly shared my side and openly shared the comments made by the anonymous poster to allow you all to make your decisions on their comments, to now REMOVE the comments from my blog…….

Through my years of blogging and belonging to online groups I have met some of the most AMAZING FRIENDS!!!! And SEVERAL I now know as my Soul Sisters because through the gift of the internet I have been blessed with being able to know their souls and their passions for our ART….those are lifelong friendships which I shall always cherish!!!!

I’ve received such amazing response, guidance and advise from SO MANY and I believe I will take the advise of some and remove the posts……remove my reply and move forward…..I have forgiven, released and am moving on….It is such a pleasure for me to share and shall continue until no-one enjoys them any longer…….

There has been SUCH good from this that was meant to be bad……We now have a CHERISHED friend back into our groups, Alicia…who was also attacked viciously and unwarranted by an anonymous poster and it crushed her….but through this she has seen that she is better than this person and has done nothing wrong….so she is rejoining the groups that love her so dearly…THAT I AM THANKFUL FOR!!!!  THANK YOU ALL from the bottom of my heart for your AMAZING support and friendships……I am blessed beyond measure…..I pray you all have a very blessed weekend!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

My First Blog Hop!!!

Hey Everyone….Happy HUMP Day!!!!!  Come on Friday!!!   I’m excited and just want to share with you all that I’ve been asked to participate in my first ever Blog Hop!!!!  I’m totally thrilled and honored to be asked and guess who it’s with…………………….
So you can make whatever you want that is part of the Christmas theme: Cards, tags for presents, packaging, actual presents for people, etc. Anything and everything as long as it fits into the Christmas theme.  Many of you already own some of Amy's products or SP & Company Stamps or both so please use them to the best of your abilities for your projects.
This is going to be FUN!!!!! 
Thanks so MUCH for stopping  by!!!!!  I hope you will come by again and I hope you have a VERY blessed day!!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Sunday to you all!!!!

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this weekend and especially the extra hour we’ve gained today…..I has been so nice!!!!! Yesterday I messed with my computer and phone most of the day…..then had a shelf in my ARTHaven collapse on me….boy was I lucky….caught that sucker just in time before I lost everything off of it…hubbs fixed it so now I’m back in business with that shelf… hold all my wallpaper books so you know it was holding a heavy load!!!
But while I was messing on my computer yesterday I came up with a new card layout for an upcoming swap in my CIF group….we’re having a Magnet Card Swap……the purpose of this is to have a magnet item on the card that is incorporated as part of the decoration of the card but can be removed from the card to be used on your refrigerator or any metal surface……..I rather like the idea I came up with……..But I MUST confess something to you all…….You ALL know I’m a die hard SCAL fan……I LOVE my Sure Cuts A lot Program…….but yesterday it was not behaving well for me and my cut file I had spent along time on creating…….I was super frustrated….so I decided to download the trail version of MTC (Make The Cut) just to see if it would open in that program and it DID……Soooooooooooooooooooooooo……I  broke and purchased the program this morning……..Now I still love my SCAL…….always will but I MUST confess that MTC is a very nice program as well……was very easy to find my way around the program and it did an awesome job with my Cricut cutting out my design….and worked well with my pens too……Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo here’s what I came up with…….

I’m deliberately showing you several shots of it so you can see how the magnet part of my card comes off…..and how I’ve used it to also hold the card closed……
All the flowers I used in the bouquet are from previous files I’ve made and shared with you and also made tutorials for on how I create the flowers……If you’re interested in viewing them you may click on the Flowers Tutorial Tab on my blog above…….
I’m really tickled with the way this came out and I SO hope you are as well…..
You’ll notice on the inside of this card I also created a new poem……You’ll see below I’ve created this file in all file formats for cutting so you can use your pens to draw with your cutting machines as well as in a jpeg and png format………

Then I thought I would go ahead and share with you the card file incase anyone might be interested in this….and I’m sharing in a format I’ve not done before………thinking some might be helped by it……….

Then I thought I would go ahead and share with you a couple of other files I had created the other day…..I’d uploaded them to my Windows Live account already but had not shared on my blog… here they are if you would like to have them……

Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!!!  I believe that catches me up so far!!!!!!  I as always…THANK YOU for taking time out of your day to stop by and visit with me… means a lot more than you realize….and then more so even if you find a file or two you like………I do hope you will come by again…. and I also pray you have a very blessed week!!!! Until next time….

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Taking advantage of today…..

So I had the day off for a vacation day due to my youngest son getting his braces off yesterday…he had to be back in the Orthdontist office at 7:30 a.m. this morning to get his temporary retainer for the top and his permanent metal retainer for the bottom…….(still have yet another trip in 6 weeks to get his metal top retainer  then we are DONE!!!!)  He has worn his braces just 1 month short of 3 years!!! LOL  He was beginning to think he would be wearing them permanently!!!!  Here he is with his pretty smile….ehhhmmmmm…excuse me….I mean “HANDSOME” smile!!!  

Ok….now that I’ve gushed on my baby!!!!!!   That’s a mama’s job…right??? I’ll now show you what I created today…..I’m on such a productive roll!!!  I needed to create a Shadow Box for a swap in my Creative Inspirations Group for Brandi……..I LOVED the idea a wonderful friend of mine…Celeste did where she made her boxes custom sized for what she wanted then attached them together and then made a frame around it…SUPER CUTE………but when I began to create mine I drew a complete blank….LOL Don’t you hate it when that happens!!!
So….I sat and stared at the walls for a while…thinkin’ thinkin’ thinkin’…..made my brain hurt too….let me tell ya!!! HA…….what do you think?????

Ok…..that’s it for me for now…..what will I do next…hummmmmmm….gotta go look at my list!!!!   As always….THANK YOU SO MUCH for stopping by to visit with me……I hope you are all having a VERY BLESSED DAY!!!! And I do indeed hope you will come by again!!!!!  Until next time……
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Wahooooo…A Productive Night for me…..

So….I finished the can I shared with you earlier and decided to work on some cut files I had requests for….Since I have them finished I thought I would go ahead and share them here with you before I go night night!!!!

Perhaps there might be something there you like?????  Ok…time for night night…must have my beauty sleep!!!   As always…THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me……Sure hope you’ll come again…..I hope you all have a VERY blessed Thursday……..until next time…
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