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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Something new for ME…..

Hey Everyone….I hope you are all enjoying your weekend…..Me…well I’ve been having the BEST time in my ARTHaven…..I’ve been wanting to learn how to crochet some flowers…….well it’s been on my list for a while…My friend Angie Hall Haviland was a sweetie and sent me her pattern she uses to make hers…..well like  DOPE I forgot about it and started playing myself……Mine is a bit different….and I’m sure not what everyone else would make but I quite like how they turned out…….
So I liked them so much I decided to use them on a card I wanted to make to send to Grace……I think they worked SO well with the card…would LOVE to hear what you think!!!!!

IF you might like them I’ll be happy to tell you how I made them…….
I did 2 CS then 9 SC on 2ndCS then I did 6 CS the looped down on circle and did 2 SC in same hole then 6 CS then looped down on next stich on circle and did 2 SC then repeated all around…..
I REALLY hope that makes sense because I’m NOT very crochet savvy……..It’s still basics for me……
Now as far as the background paper….it is some K&C decorative scrapbook paper that I cut down to the size I needed…….then I had purchased the other 3 packs of Duff’s Embossing plates for cakes….I chose the one with the flowers to use on this…..

ran through my cuttlebug and then hit with some Concord Grape TH Distress ink……then coated with clear embossing powder and heat embossed…then on the center of the flowers I used some yellow rhinestones…..I thought it gave it SUCH a cute impact!!! The edges of the layer  used my Zutter Distressing Tool then ran some double sided tape with my ATG gun on the back side and used some light yellow trim around the card…….Added the yellow ribbon……
The crochet flowers I made I used decorative brads for the centers…to attach to the layer I just used my Crop-A-Dial to punch the holes where I wanted them and then used the brad on the flowers to attach to that layer…..
You’ll notice I also used another Hat pin and some colored letters and spelled out Grace for the little girl this is for……at the bottom of the pin I wanted to be sure she didn’t stick herself so used some Gorilla Glue on the heart bead then slid over the end of the pin and allowed to dry…worked perfectly…..
I really like how cute this card turned out and I hope Grace enjoys it, hopefully it will bring a smile to her sweet face!!!!
Then…Yesterday while at Joann’s I came across this YoYo Maker in the Butterfly Shape….Hadn’t seen this before so I just couldn’t resist!!!! Thought I would try making a couple to see how they turned out………
I thought they were kinda of cute!!! Though I must say a bit bulky….Not sure if I will use them on cards but would definately add to some other projects……They do work up very quickly…..and it does make me want to make more……..
Ok…that’s it for me for now….Now I need to get caught back up on email and then…PLAY SOME MORE!!! I’m having some fun!!! ;)
Thank you so much for stopping by to visit with me….I pray you all have a WONDERFUL remainder of the weekend!!! Please come by again….until next time…..
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