Just a reminder....if you are reading any of my older posts and you click on a link for a cutting file that is no longer valid..PLEASE REMEMBER you can go to the top of my blog page and click on the "My Cutting Files" Tab and it will take you to my dropbox account where you can do a search for that file name and download the file directly from there.
Thank you so much!!
Penny Duncan

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Happy Hump Day!!!!!

Happy Wednesday Everyone…..We’re half way through a week and then a 3 day weekend!!! Wahoooooooooooooooo……I had a couple of requests for cut files last night so I thought I would share them with you….

Okie Dokie…..that does it for me for today….gotta get ready to go to work….Sure hope you might like some of these…As always, THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me…I pray you all have a very blessed day…and I hope you will come by to visit with me again….Until next time….
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

My First 2 Altered Book Pages…..

Ok……So 2 posts in one day…You definately know where I’ve been able to spend most of my day!!!! 
My ARTHaven Creations & Friendships group is taking on the challenge of creating our own Altered Books…….We are being led by our AMAZING ARTist friend Eileen Bellomo who in the blogworld has a blog Named artsaveslives and another AMAZING ARTist…Diann Scholl and her blog is Diann’s ARTspot…… Eileen has created a blog dedicated strictly to our Altered Book Challenge called The Altered Book Journey .
It really is alot of fun…….I have FINALLY completed my first 2 pages and thought I would share them with you here…..

It seems so intimidating to me but so fulfilling when you have a page come together…….So now I have two pages done and a gazillion more to go!!!! Would love to hear what you think about them…And if you want to take on the challenge for yourself, please feel free to jump on over to The Altered Book Journey and play along!!!
Again…THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me again……I do hope you will come by again..and I pray you have a very blessed week!!!!
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Time to Play….

Hey Everyone…I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Sunday….It’s been a hot humid day today…did a few things around the house then have been in my ARTHaven the remainder of the time…..It’s been fun…..
I recently joined a new community in our Cyber World called Crafter’s Digital Art Center seems like it’s going to be a pretty cool community…It’s geared alot around digi images and the like!!!  I went ahead and jumped in and entered into a Challenge that is going on til the end of the month…I used one of the images in the group by Priscilla Styles….and it’s definately outside of what I generally do but was happy with how it came out…….

I used My Shaplie files  in creating the card…Surprise Surprise HUH….LOL  And in creating the design I took my file back into Inkscape and changed one of the layers into a “stitch line”…..Then drew the “stitch line” with my Cri-Kit pens…then colored in with black sharpie and then went over the top of that with an embossing pen and coated the “stiches” in clear embossing powder and heat embossed the “stiches”…they turned out really cute…..
I had printed off two images of the digi stamp and cut out just the teddy bear and then colored brown…then covered the bear with glossy accents and then covered the bear with brown flocking…to make him “fuzzy”… really turned out cute….attached foam dots to him and no it looks like she’s holding him out!!!
The phrase “Sure am Missing You” I typed out in SCAL2 and used one of the Cri-Kit Single Line Fonts……they are AWESOME to really being able to write with your Cricut and not have the white spaces in the fonts…..I’ll be thrilled when they come out with more fonts cause I’ll definately be buying them!!!! Of course I used one of My Shaplie files for the phrase tag……
I also used my Zutter Distressing Tool….which I LOVE LOVE LOVE to distress the edges of the card base and the pink layer…I love the “grungy” look it gives the card……I thought about adding ribbon to the card but found some of the eyelet border trim in my ribbon drawer and it just spoke to me so I added it around the Layer to be adhered to the card base….Kind of over the top I know…but I REALLY do like the look….Of course you can see that I ran through my Cuttlebug using the Swiss Dots embossing sleeve…..and then added my bling to the card…..Overall I’m happy with how this turned out….
But I had a few “scraps” on my ART desk once the  card was done so I decided to challenge myself to make another card from the remaining pieces……I needed to make a Thank You card so I figured why not…….

You know the piece from where you print off the 3 pieces of cardstock in the size Nestie to form the “embossed” edge of your nestie…well I decided to use that on this card……and then I had a left over printed digi of the little girl from a previous project…so I colored her and then cut her out along with the flowers……adhered them with foam dots the the nestie layer to raise up off the card……then I used some of the pink paper and green base…again ran through my Zutter Distressing Tool added some ribbon to the bottom 1/3 of the pink piece as it was 2 pieces of paper I spliced together and I wanted to cover the seam….not too bad huh…..added a bow and some bling..pretty simple but I LOVE the look of the card…I just LOVE LOVE LOVE Precious Moments!!!!
Ok….so that’s my creations so far….I hope you like them…..I want to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me and I do hope you will come by again…I pray you all have a very blessed week…until next time….
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Updated Tutorials for Penny's Shaplies.....

Good Morning Again Everyone....Last night I worked on re-doing my Nesties Tutorial to make it easier to understand how to Download and use My Shaplie Files..........I think you will like these better...the first one is on how to download and cut them....the next tutorial is how to use your digi stamps with the nesties and have them cut perfectly each and every time.....I really hope you enjoy these.......Just so you know these tutorials will always have their own dedicated page on my blog....You'll notice on the menu bar above there's a page labeled "Penny's Shaplie Tutorial" that's where you may always find these tutorials to you need to reference them in the future...

This is the TUTORIAL on how you can use MY SHAPLIE Files to create the look like the very popular products you can purchase on the market!!!  The WONDERFUL thing about My SHAPLIE Files is that you are not limited to a particular size!!!!  I hope you enjoy the tutorial

The "Sandwich" which works for ME i:s 
(1) A Plate 
(2) B Plates
(2) Spellbinders rubber mats (or 2 rubber mouse pads...I found some at Big Lots for $.80 each)
(you can even usen fun foam for the "cushion" piece as well)
You will want it to be a snug fit so it allows the paper to be eased around the chipboard to get a nice impression....

Ok....back to work for me!!! I hope you all have a very blessed day...THANK YOU for stopping by and I do hope you will come by again...until next time....

How about a Christmas Tree…..

Happy  Thursday Everyone….I hope you are all having a FANTASTIC day!!!!! After posting the Owl Nestie the other day I had an anonymous request for a Christmas Tree Shaplie… I figure…why not….so here’s one if you’re interested…..

Ok…….now I must get ready for work…….I hope you all have a very blessed day…THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me and I do hope you will come by again…until then….

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Request for an Owl Shaplie….

Hey Everyone…someone in my SCALHints group was needing an Owl Shaplie…so I took the Owl file that is on my Windows Live account and created it into a Shaplie….thought someone here might like it so here it is if you’re interested….

Okie Dokie…that’s it for me for tonight…I hope you all have a very blessed Wednesday!!! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you’ll come by again!! Until next time….
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Finally time to Post….


I also used some of my Cri-Kit gel pens and holder and wrote the phrase on the top layer of the SHAPLIES then cut out and embossed……LOVE how it turned out!!!!!
This last card is one I made for my Uncle!!! They broke the mold when they made him….He’s been more of a father to me than ANY male figure in my life and I love him just like a dad!!!!!  He loves to hunt so that’s why he has a deer themed card…..
Again I used some of My SHAPLIE files…..this is another of the new designs I made….. 

I also made the card bases using the Shaplies I had created and am sharing them with you below in case you might be interested in them……….
I really enjoyed making the cards as well as these files…I hope you enjoy them and I haven’t bored you to tears thus far….Okie Dokie…here’s the files….

Shewwwww……..Think that catches me up so far…..IF you made it to the end….THANK YOU SO MUCH for spending some time with me…I truly appreciate it……I hope you’ve found some files you might enjoy and I do hope you will come by again…I pray you all have a VERY blessed day!!!! Until next time….

Friday, June 18, 2010

Yet Another Shaplie Request….

Hey Everyone….Happy Friday Evening!!!! Was just reading email and had a request for a smaller scalloped Oval Shaplie so I figured I would go ahead and work it up real quick… here it is if anyone is interested in it!!!  Hope I’m not boring you all with these Nesties…I just know I love them and I think they are really pretty cool to use in my ART!!!!!!

Okie dokie…..Now….back to your regularly scheduled program!!! ;)  LOL…I’m SUCH the comedian….LOL…NOT!!  I hope you all have a very blessed weekend!!!!  THANK YOU for stopping by…Hope you will come again…..
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How about another Shaplie!!

Happy Happy Friday Everyone!!! I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL Day!!! I’m so glad it’s Friday… H-O-T BUT Friday none the less!!!! 
So I’m continuing on my journey to getting all my files converted….Whoooooooooooo, It’s a BIG job….But while in the process I found one file I thought would make a WONDERFUL Shaplie Design so I decided to make it one…..thought I would share it with you here!!!!
Okie Dokie…Hope you like it….Now off to work I go…I hope you all have a VERY Blessed Friday!!!! Thank you, as always, for coming by to visit with me….please come again….Until next time…
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Hump Day…..

I hope you are all having a WONDERFUL week!!! It is  HOT HOT HOT here!!! YUCK……Doing all one can to stay cool……
I’ve not done much creating the last several  days…..I’ve been working more on getting all my file links converted over to my Windows Live Sky Drive Account……which btw, is VERY cool….you get 25GB of FREE storage space….which is awesome for me!!!!
But I did work up a couple of new files I thought I would share with you here…

So I hope some might like these files…….Back to working on converting files I go and uploading them to my Sky Drive…..ALSO….just so you know….I’m also in the process of uploading images of the cut files within the folders that contain the cut files……so you can see what the file looks like……when you find an image you like you’ll notice it gives you the file name….then you scroll down and find the file you’re wanting and click on it and it will open in a new window and from there you can download the file…..I hope you will find this helpful as I am getting rid of my website and doing all of my sharing through my blog……
Ok……now that I’ve babbled enough I wanted to THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me and ask that you bear with me while I get all of these adjustments done….I hope you are all having a very blessed day…until next time…
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Last Post for Today….

Hey Everyone…..Well…the weekend is just about over….I’m recording ARMY Wives so I can watch it when I’m done here…I LOVE that show!!!! 
So….I had a request for an ornament cut file today… I designed 2…….then I thought of another Nestie File to create so I worked it up….still have lots more things I’m working on…just haven’t gotten there yet…but thought I would share these two files with you… they are….


Okie Dokie…..That’s it for me tonight….time to go watch ARMY Wives and get my beauty sleep!!! I want to THANK YOU all for visiting with me this weekend!!!!  I’ve so enjoyed sharing with you and I pray you all have a very blessed Monday…I do hope you will come by again….Until next time!!
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A FUN Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday Everyone….I hope your day is going wonderfully…..We had some mean looking clouds blow through earlier but they seem to have left us so that is good!!!!
So, I needed to make 2 Thank You cards for some ladies in one the the groups I belong to……..And you know me…..I love making new files so I came up with a new card template……Here’s the card I made with it……

I intentionally made it look kinda grungy….I used my new Zutter Distress-It-All tool to distress the edges all around the card and then a sand block to knock the edges off the Thank You shadow……I also used a Cuttlebug Embossing Folder “Swiss Dots” on the card base then used my sandblock to knock the color off the dots then touched the top of the dots with my Walnut Stain Embossing Ink with a distresser daubber…you know the ones I make with a re-cycled rubber stamp block, a piece of fun foam and some double side tape…MY SHAPLIE FILES
I printed my Digi Stamp off onto white cardstock 110# and used some of MY SHAPLIE FILES and cut out three different sizes…the middle size to use to emboss the top layer…If you need a refesher on using MY SHAPLIE FILES you can find the

Ok….that’s my project so far this morning…….Just so you know I’m no longer going to be placing my cut files on my website anymore…..I’m going to be storing all my new cutfiles from 6/5/2010 forward on my Skye Drive on my Windows Live account (You can find all the files  I offer for anyone in MY PUBLIC FOLDER…….So the only preview of the image you will see will be on my Cut Files Page 2…….
The reason I’m doing this….is because I’m trying to regain some of my time back to create ART and not have to spend so much of it constantly updating the website…..Doing it this way I serve 2 purposes….I’m still able to offer my files to you AND I’m also storing my files ONLINE so I have another back up source for my files!!
I hope you all have a WONDERFUL remainder of the day!!!!!  Thank you for coming by to visit with me and I do hope you will come by again SOON!!!!  Until next time…
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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Having FUN Again!!!!

Ok….So the Button Fairies are being made everywhere lately and I’ve never been brave enough to make one!!!!  I knew that I wouldn’t follow the average Fairy theme and that’s why I hesitated….I decided to jump in and give it a whirl because my ARTHaven Group is having another Button Fairy Swap…the entries they all did last time were AMAZING!!!!  So I tried my hand at it…..What I had originally thought about doing didn’t work out like I was wanting so this is my 2nd attempt……
Now…be aware…It’s DIFFERENT!!!!

Ok….now I said it was different……but this is my entry for the swap….I hope whoever gets this isn’t disappointed…..Now on to my next project….I’ve started preparing my pages for my Altered Book Project I’m working on……it’s definately a work in progress kind of thing isn’t it……
Well, If you haven’t already guessed I want to THANK YOU so much for visiting me and indulging me in looking at my latest project…I hope you are all having a WONDERUFL day and I hope you will come by and visit me again….Until next time!!!
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A Sunny Saturday……

Hey Everyone…..I hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday…It’s been very low key here and nice……So this morning I worked up a new flower design cut file and a video tutorial to show how quickly these work up and what I think is a great looking flower…’s some mock-ups of the flower….

Yep….they’re supposed to be Calla Lily’s….Sure hope that’s what you think they are!!!! ;)
So if you’re interested….here’s the video tutorial I did…..and below the tutorial is a link to the CUTFILE……
And if you would like to make some for you go.... 

Okie Dokie....That's it for me for tonight!!! I hope you enjoy these...I wish you all a very blessed week and I do hope you'll come by and visit with me again!!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010


I’m SO happy it’s FRIDAY again!!!!! You know what that means…..2 whole days to play in my ARTHaven!!! Yahoooo for me!!!!!
So…..I had a challenge to make another card (the challenge I made to myself) and this time a lady from my SCALHints group wanted to swap with me…….So Angela if you don’t want to spoil the surprise don’t look down the page!!!! 
I decided I wanted to do something different…..I started browsing my digi stamps and found this tree…..isn’t it SO cute!!!! I just fell in love with it…….I knew I wanted to use it but didn’t know what to do from there….so I drove to work thinking about it and it hit me…..I wanted to incorporate the shape of the tree into my card somehow and make my fold not so normal….so here’s what I came up with……

I will share with you I TRIED to draw the tree with my Cri-kit Pens……(I converted the image to an SVG) so when I brought my file into SCAL2 I could draw the tree…….but I didn’t like how it turned out……I liked the realistic image of the tree by printing it with my Laser Printer……..So even though I had converted the file to an SVG I was STILL able to PRINT the design through Inkscape…….to the exact size I would have had it drawn in SCAL2…….(colored with my Blick Alcohol markers) I already had created my shadow layer for the drawn image to be cut from so I just did a dummy cut of the shadow of the tree….then instead of hitting UNLOAD when it was finished with the dummy cut I hit LOAD carefully removed the cut out piece…gently lifted up the surrounding paper and carefully placed in the printed tree I wanted cut out…..used a brayer to secure down…then finished removing the other paper that was my guide and then hit the scissors in my program……..
The FONT I used is Single Line Font- Cri-Kits Serif that you can get from ……I thought it drew VERY well!!!!! I used the Metallic Black gel pen and Cri-Kit Housing……
I did draw first with my mini sharpies and the housing I have for that but  I didn’t like it as much…..The flowers I’ve added are all ones I created…..cutting in watercolor paper then using my chalk ink hand colored each one and then used my stylus tool to shape added a half pearl to each and attached to the tree with glue……I used foam tape to attached the tree to the card base…before I attached the tree I used some of my decorative edge embossing sleeves and run through the Cuttlebug  and then rubbed with a sand block to knock the color off…..
I ink distressed the edges of the decorative paper I had cut to slightly under 5” wide and 7” tall…..before I cut however I did draw the phrase on with the Cri-Kit pens……added the rest of my bling….made an accompanying envie and WHOLA…..I’m done!!!  I would LOVE to hear what you think of it……
Also…..If anyone is interested in having the cut file I created for this card you can click the image below and it will take you to the page on My Website where you may download it….

Ok……so that was the challenge I did for last night!!!!! Wonder what my challenge will be for myself tonight…I know one  is to start on my Altered Book that I’m doing… far I have my pages removed my niche section clamped together and that’s it!!!  Will start color glazing some pages tonight….I’m SO looking forward to this project… will definatly be an on going project for sometime……Ok….so must finish getting ready for work….As always….THANK YOU so much for stopping by!!! I hope you all have a VERY BLESSED FRIDAY!!! I do hope you will come by again…..until then….