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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Good Evening…or is it Morning….

Hey Everyone…I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Wednesday…I certainly did..was a very productive day for me…I was able to completed an Altered Tin for a swap I’m in and have it all packaged to be mailed tomorrow…..Unfortunately I’m not able to show it yet….but in a few days I can…..I think you might like it…..And I certainly hope the recipient does!!!
BUT…..I also worked on an ATC swap for my ARTHaven Creations & Friendships group…….So I decided to try and use my Cri-Kit pens to create the entire  image… I took one of the digital images I have on my computer and brought into Inkscape and converted to an SVG……then I sized it to the ATC size I needed……have it on one layer….then I added another layer for the size of the ATC I want to cut……..then I added a third layer to add the text I wanted because I wanted to draw it in a different color…..So then I selected all items did Path > Object to Path and saved the file…..
I brought into SCAL2 and used my Layer’s Pallet to manipulate the layers as I was ready to draw then cut…….I think it did a WONDERFUL job drawing……After I had it all drawn I then cut the ATC out……..and then I colored the image with my watercolor pencils…you’ll notice the paper I drew on was thick Water Color Paper…the kind that is too thick to go through the printer…so this is an AWESOME option to be able to do…….

I am absolutely LOVING my Cri-Kits and know I will be using these ALL the time….You can see for yourself how much drawing was done on these….I did three of them…….and I didn’t really use all that much ink… I think they are so worth the money……..
I’ve decided to start sharing also any images I convert to svg’s for drawing….SO, if you’re interested in this file you can click the image below and it will take you to the page on my website where you can download the file…….I REALLY REALLY REALLY am loving my Cri-Kits….I think I mentioned that already!! ;) 

Ok…..Guess I need to get some beauty sleep….I hope you all like my creation and I do hope you will come again…THANK YOU for taking time from your day to visit with me!!! I hope you all have a very blessed Thursday!!!!


Becky said...

I thought I was the only one up this time of night :), this is one beautiful card.

Diann said...

Penny, you have taken your wonderful ART to another this one! Diann

Scrapping Mom said...

This card is fabulous. Glad you are having a wonderful vacation of ART... You truely deserve it.

Christelle said...

WOW that's amazing...Does that mean that I will have to buy these crikits....hmmm, I'm affraid so!!!! ;)Your ATC is really beautiful

Amy said...

This is sooo cool! I love this image.

Angie Hall Haviland said...

BEAUTIFUL, Penny!! Looks like you had fun with this one!

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

absolutely beautiful! hi. i'm stef a/k/a glitterbabe. i found you thru vicki (vldesigns) and as she's my best buddy i wasn't passing up ANYTHING she tells me. nice to meet you!

i'm new - very new to cricut and have not yet gotten the SCAL. one of these days....... so i'm sure to be well informed by then - lol.

hugs :)

G-ma said...

Thank you for an awesome idea. I am going to HAVE to buy some Cri-Kits.

Melissa Craig said...

Wow Penny - this is gorgeous! I have no idea what Cri-Kut pens are, but whatever they are, they sure helped you create a beautiful ATC! I'm selling a lot of my stamps sets and some tools because I'm saving for a Cricut Expression. I have the baby bug, which is actually my Mom's. I can't cut a lot of stuff I'd like to on the smaller machine, so I want an Expression. After I get that, then I'll go looking at the Cri-Kut pens.

Thank you for the inspiration and sharing such a beautiful card. Also, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such kind words.


Carolina Girl said...

Just beautiful! I have watercolor pencils and copic markers...will try them both when I have the chance...thank you for sharing.

2amscrapper said...

This is lovely, Penny!

Vicki said...

Penny, hello! Oh gosh this is absolutely stunning! I have what they call cricut gelly gel pens...used them once and they didn't work too bad but seemed to skip...i may have to try this brand you are using...but first I need to make sure I am going to USE them! Your ATC is beautiful. I would love to see how you created the sketch from a picture!Thanks for your inspiration!


Micki said...

ach Penny, I love it and had to re-read your post, I couldn't believe that you did that card with your Cricuit. Ok, where do you live? I wanna come and get one on one lessons, lol. Beautiful....... ok should I get those pens??? hm....... :-)


Melissa Craig said...

Hi Penny - me again.... I made a card using one of your SVGs that I wanted to share with you.

My card

Cherbear said...

Beautiful!!! Thank you for sharing the file!

Hestia's Helper said...

I received my Cri-Kits TODAY and can't wait to get started! YOU are my inspiration!

Showed this card to my hubby. He's usually pretty indifferent to what he calls "all this craft stuff" but when he saw this, he said "Wow, now THAT'S gorgeous!"... pretty high praise from a guy who doesn't pay much attention (-:

Shannon - Desert Designs said...

This is stunning Penny! You are a girl after my own heart - as I have been trying to do this very approach myself! Guess I'd better look at those pens again! :)