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Hello Everyone...after much thought I have decided once again to share my cutting files with you all....If you are interested there is a link at the top of my blog underneath the header which will take you to my download site for the files.....Please be aware...while browsing through my previous blogposts... when you find a file you like.....the link for that image is will need to go to the link at the top of my blog to do a search for the file to it is too time consuming to go through each and every post and correct the links for the files. I trust you will all understand this.
I too, will again offer the entire collection for purchase on DVD if anyone would be will find the option for that in my store....As I create new files they will be complied on a DVD in the future for those who prefer to combine that way.

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Friday, July 31, 2015

Thank you.....

Hey Everyone....I hope this post finds you all doing wonderful today!!! It's a GORGEOUS day here in my neck of the woods and it's not raining!!! Makes it pretty awesome!!! So...I wanted to THANK all of you who sent me such sweet and loving messages and for those who offered up wonderful prayers to our Lord for me......I have finally found out what is going on with my eyes...... and it is something I have to find a new normal to deal with as there's no way to reverse or correct it..... it is what it is.... ;( I have been diagnosed with Degenerative Retinoscysis (which is in laymen's terms.... Splitting of the Retina)..... between the layers of the splits I develop cysts........ there is nothing they can do to correct this....... that's the left eye.... in the right eye I still have Macular scarring they continue to monitor......I have had significant vision loss in my eyes.... and they are able to correct a bit (I already have horrible vision and wear glasses... so it limits what they can still do)... but I'm still left with a big difference that can't be corrected with a prescription..... I am HOWEVER, truly and completely thankful the Lord has allowed me to continue to see..... because I want to be able to see all my grandchildren current and future grow up..... and so very thankful the Lord allowed me to still drive.... as I am borderline for not being certified to be able to drive because of the vision loss.... so I thank the Lord for that blessing!!!! Sadly though..... the days of my time spent working on tutorials and videos to share have come to an end..... there is just too much detailed work involved in doing that and I can no longer allow myself that luxury.... Selfishly the time I do spend on the computer will be spent for me to fulfill my creative passion.....I apologize if that sounded selfish...I don't mean it that way.......I truly love and enjoy sharing..... and it's going to be a very difficult adjustment for me.....I pray you all will understand.... and enjoy this next journey in my life with me..... I want to continue my friendships online...... so I hope you all don't just disappear....I still hope to do blogposts and share ART I create..... just may not be as intricate or as detailed..... Getting older has it's bummer spots doesn't it!!! ;). Guess we all go through cycles and have to learn to embrace each stage..... so I'm looking at this as a time to relish and be thankful the Lord allows me the blessing to continue to see..... right??!!! So... hopefully that catches everyone up.... sorry to be so long to update you...I just wanted to make sure I had all the info before I shared..... Again...THANK YOU so very much for your love and support over all these years......I do hope you'll continue to stop by and visit.....I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed weekend!!!! Take care my friends.......

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