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Saturday, April 12, 2014

What a BEAUTIFUL Saturday.....making Flowers want to Bloom!!

Hello Hello Everyone!! I hope you are all enjoying a WONDERFUL weekend!!! It is SO pretty here!!! Temps in the 70's and such a wonderful breeze!!

So last weekend my hubby and I had to make a trip to Nashville....he had meetings all weekend with the company he works for......So I got to do my "own thing" during the I previously lived in Nashville for 20 years I was very familiar with the I spent some fun time visiting old friends and then did some shopping......had a big time I did!!!

But while shopping I found something that I already have several different templates of like the Pom Poms and hearts......and happened upon some Flower templates..... they were for fabric projects... they were WAY TO BIG for any cards or mixed media projects I would ever while standing there debating on whether to get the smallest one or not I decided to hold off and try something when I got home.....just to see if I could find a way to scale down the size so I could make the flowers in a size that would  be usable for cards and mixed media.....Wahoooooooooooooooooooo....My idea worked like a charm!!!! Check it out....

Pretty Cool Huh!!!!!  Here's a close  up of them....and there will be several pics...just wanted you to be able to see how cool they really are!!!!!






So.....What do ya think????? Pretty COOL Huh!!!!?  And the neatest thing is you can make the templates ANY SIZE YOU WANT!!! So you're not restricted by the size!!!  I can see myself sitting just making these as they're very relaxing to make.....and you use very little fabric per flower.....So you can easily buy a few fat quarters of fabric for less then $1.50 each and make SEVERAL flowers!!!

Would LOVE to hear what you think???  Might you find a use for them????  I hope you'll share your thoughts......

Okie Dokie....that's it for me for now!!! Off to work on some cards I need to get out for always THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me.....I wish you all a very blessed weekend...and I hope you will come by and visit with me very soon!!! Until then....

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