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Hello Everyone...after much thought I have decided once again to share my cutting files with you all....If you are interested there is a link at the top of my blog underneath the header which will take you to my download site for the files.....Please be aware...while browsing through my previous blogposts... when you find a file you like.....the link for that image is will need to go to the link at the top of my blog to do a search for the file to it is too time consuming to go through each and every post and correct the links for the files. I trust you will all understand this.
I too, will again offer the entire collection for purchase on DVD if anyone would be will find the option for that in my store....As I create new files they will be complied on a DVD in the future for those who prefer to combine that way.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Let’s Go Back to 2009…..

Hey Everyone…and Happy Wednesday to you……I hope you are all having a VERY blessed week!!!!!!  So…After reading Dan’s …..My Crafty Life blogpost that he’s decided to share his cut files…..It began to re-stir some thoughts I’ve been having for some time now……and his post and my thoughts took me back to what our Cutting ARTWorld used to be like back in 2009 with the cutting world exploded with the introduction of the “bug” back then….WOW how we’ve expanded and grown to what it’s become today huh!!!!!
Back then…..for those who may not have been into the cutting craze that far back…….it was all fresh and new to us and we all just LOVED sharing all we learned and created… gave us a thrill to hear and see joy in what someone mastered and shared with each of us…..the SCAL & MTC Yahoo groups would have 100’s and I do mean 100’s of posts a day!!! It was WILD and FUN…..we all just chattered and shared and it was a little community……I even owned the SCAL Hints group for a while….. And back then I received so much joy by sharing my cut files I created on my blog for anyone who was interested in them… gave me so much satisfaction…..I loved hearing from others that found the file worked perfectly for a project they had in mind and how it perhaps inspired them to do other things…I truly enjoy that!!!  It pushed me to want to create more and share….
Sadly some bad things transpired which took me to the point of not sharing my cut files which broke my heart…..after several requests I did decide to list them on My ETSY Store…..and while I thought it was a perfect solution something in my gut was missing what we once all shared……After seeing Dan’s post today it rejuvinated my passion to want to get back (even partly) to what we were once like…..SO…I’ve made a decision for ME….and I PRAY you all will be accepting and hopefully enjoy!!!!!
While I will still offer my complete collections of all my cut files on My ETSY Store for those who would prefer to have them all neatly burned to a disc……..which you can find HERE and I will be selling My Engraving File Collections….which you can also find HERE……
I’ve decided to again SHARE MY CUT FILES FOR FREE to download individually!!!! 
I’m truly excited about this and I so hope some of you might be……
I do request that you do not share my files with everyone…rather please refer them back to my blog…..and that you honor my Terms of Use which are very laid back…..
You can find My Cut Files by clicking on the tab at the top of my blog. 

I do hope you will enjoy them…and I hope you will stop by and visit with me often….I do plan on beginning to create again and sharing as I do so…..And so you all know….from this point forward I will be creating my files in SVG format only……it has become the industry standard and most all cutting programs will allow you to import this file format…
Okie Dokie……That’s MY excitement….I hope it makes you smile too!!!!  I….as always…want to THANK YOU so much for sticking by me…..for being my online friends……You bring big warm smiles to my face and it is so appreciated!!!!!!

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