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Friday, April 26, 2013


Hey Everyone.....Hope you are all doing wonderful this week!!!!  I'm so ready for FRIDAY...aren't you!!! ;)

So...I'm trying to nudge my mojo to come back home.....Why oh WHY does it have to be SO stubborn!!! ;)  This weekend I did actually create a SMALL something......LOL  My oldest son is getting married in just under a month...they are choosing to have a very small ceremony now and in a couple of years have the wedding they really want when they renew their vows........I'm so thrilled they are choosing to get married before my 2nd grandchild arrives!!! ;)  His fiancé is a beautiful girl inside and out who loves my son so much...she's already given me one beautiful granddaughter....what more could a mama want!!!!! Right!!??  I asked her if I could make her just a very small bouquet to carry that day and perhaps keep for a keepsake of their special she was not planning on having one at all......they gave me permission....but my son only wanted there to be 4 for each of them.....Him, Stephanie, my granddaughter who is here now and the one that will join us in very special I think......

Instead of doing the Unity Candle they've decided to do the colored sand......I love this idea......and for each of the girls they chose 2 shades of they asked that I incorporate 2 shades of green into the I did my best........just wanted to show you how it turned out......

You KNOW I love making this was FUN for me to do!!!!!!  I hope you think it's as pretty as I do.......You'll notice there's writing on the rose petals....what I did was went into Corel Draw and typed out Billy & Steph's name and their wedding date and copied and pasted over and over to spread them out in 45° to fill the page....then printed it off so the petals have their names and wedding date incorporated into the  rose.........they were really thrilled with that ide...made mama smile!!! ;)

Then I decided to actually try out the new very popular technique of me it's just doodling which I've always done while on the phone chatting...LOL haven't you all!!! ;)  But anyway...I decided to give a whirl a bit to see if it was something I would even enjoy....the jury is still out on it...but thought I would just show you some of my "Zentangiling"...LOL

Kinda laughable don't ya think!!!??? ;)  We'll see if I do any more.....LOL
Okie Dokie Artichokie!!!!!  That's it for me today!!!! I AS ALWAYS...want to THANK YOU for stopping by  to visit with me for a few minutes!!!!!!  I also want to wish you all a VERY BLESSED WEEKEND!!!!  I hope it's WONDERFUL for you all...and I do so hope you will stop by and visit with me again.....until then....

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