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Hello Everyone...after much thought I have decided once again to share my cutting files with you all....If you are interested there is a link at the top of my blog underneath the header which will take you to my download site for the files.....Please be aware...while browsing through my previous blogposts... when you find a file you like.....the link for that image is will need to go to the link at the top of my blog to do a search for the file to it is too time consuming to go through each and every post and correct the links for the files. I trust you will all understand this.
I too, will again offer the entire collection for purchase on DVD if anyone would be will find the option for that in my store....As I create new files they will be complied on a DVD in the future for those who prefer to combine that way.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Precious Bundle

Ok....back to trying to be creative....I've spent the entire weekend working on setting up my new desktop and getting both my desktop and laptop all jiving together....Now that they are playing nicely I get to play now!!! YEAHHHHHHH ME!!!!!  And also....I can't share any pics of things I've made yet until I get a new camera..... ;(  So HOPEFULLY by this weekend I'll get to share some ART....I just gotta say I'm HATING this!!! LOL

I hope you all have a VERY blessed week!!! I'm excited that I have a 3 day weekend coming up!!! Oh Yeah...and just one more teenie tiney thing I'm excited about..........

Meet Grandbaby #2

.......Due to us in September of this year!!! This Granny is SO EXCITED!!!! And.......


Doin' the Happy Dance as I will have 2 granddaughters!!!!!! 

Have a blessed week everyone!! And I do hope you will stop by again!!! Until then!!! ;)

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