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Monday, June 11, 2012

My Weekend Zoooommmmmeeedddd By.......

But BOY Did I have ALOT of fun....spent it in my ARTHaven ALL weekend.....felt SO wonderful to let my creative mojo start playing again!!!!!  I had 2 ATC swaps I'm involved in that I needed to work I decided that was a good place to start........thought I would share with you what I created.......

Here's the first one I made.....

Nothing really fancy about this card....I had previously scanned some Graphics 45 papers I had purchased and decided to resize the page a bit so I can utilize the graphics in an ATC was alot of fun!!!  I printed all the pieces with my Epson 1100 Workforce Wide Format Printer......I'm so impressed with the quality of this printer......I then used some Frosted Lace stickles on the it a fun sparkle......and some corner fabric mounts and one rose corner mount.....used foam tape to raise the layers.......and of course I hit the edges with Versamagic Jumbo Java ink.......I think it turned out kinda cute.....

Then here's my next one.....I think this is my favorite......

This ATC was so fun to make!!! I had ALOT of fun with this one....first I decided I wanted to use some jar graphics I I resized them to the size I wanted them......printed them off and cut out....I wanted to give them more a of a realistic look to them so I decided to add some wire for the stems of the I took my craft knife and cut tiny slits on the "top" of the jar and just below the "rim" of the jar.....then threaded the wires give the affect the wires were really inside the jar......but then what to do to cover the wire....well first I tried coating with a thick layer of Glossy I did that to 2 of them...It was "ok" but I wasn't overly thrilled with the end result.....for didn't stay mound up like I really wanted and took WAY to long to dry!!! LOL.....I'm one who wants quick results....So I decided to take some Perfect Medium..coated the "jar" then used multiple layers of UTEE...of course heating in between layers.....while it was still "wet" I had to carefully hold the wire "under" the UTEE so when it set you couldn't feel the wires.......I REALLY REALLY am happy with the end results.....turned out just as I had envisioned....

Now the roses I used are NOT my PDC Roses....I had some little Prima roses on hand so thought I would just use those.....I'm "trying" to get better at using up what I have on hand.......I just snipped off the wire from the roses then glued with my glue gun over the top of the DCWV French Country Stack PS-005-00164 onto the card base.........I used one of my acrylic stamps and stamped the message with Timber Brown Stazon Ink....the background paper was some I had on hand....I believe it's from ......on the edges I used the ink distressing technique using 2 TH Distress Inkpads...I believe they were Worn Lipstick and Shabby Shudders........and then to finish off I added one of my PDC Butterflies that I've made.........I think it has a big impact.....What about you????? I know I sure had alot of fun making them....

Then I decided I wanted to start on a project that I KNOW is going to take me a bit of time to finish but thought I would give you a sneak peak......... can really tell alot can't ya!!! LOL  I'm really having a fun with this project and can't wit to show you the finished piece!!!!!  I can tell you that I will have a file or two to share with you once it's all I'm thinking that I may offer a few files for a period of time before I put them away to add to my cut file hope you'll come back to check....

But I also wanted to share with you that I used one of my Pen Tool holders for my Black Cat "Raven" and used a Copic .10 marker to draw out the words before I cut out the shapes.....LOVED the results......this is something I've not used as much as I should...but do plan to start doing more....just LOVE the look of it......So now I'm looking forward to getting home from work so I can work on my project more......I hope you like it when it's all done!!! ;)

Okie Dokie Artichokie!!! :)  Think that catches me up for the day....Feels SO good to do a post having creating something!!!!!  As always I want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me....Means WAY more then you know....I do hope you'll come by again and I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed day!!! Until next time.....


  1. Love the ATC's Penny! Very Unique. :)

  2. Gorgeous ATC's Penny,and I just love the jam jars.

  3. oh major swoon penny!! they are all absolutely gorgeous, the jars look awesome!! so pleased you had a wonderfully crafty weekend hun
    huge hugs Lou xxx

  4. Awesome 'em.

  5. Amazing Penny! Both ATC's are beautiful but those jars are just magnificent!!! *Hugs*

  6. I love seeing your work back and the joy of it in your type! Great job. Those Atc's are awesome.

  7. The cards turned out great. Thank you for sharing the technique for the little jars they are so cute.

  8. As usual, everything is amazing. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us. I hope you know how much you mean to everyone in the blog world.

  9. Wow, fabulous art! You're rocking your mojo, now! Oh, I have to say Shabby Shudders sounds like a color for Halloween!

  10. Beautiful as always! I have to agree though..the second ATC is my fav as well! I will have to try my hand at that one! So I'm soooooo scrap lifting it!!

  11. Penny, I have to say I think my favorite is the one with the bottles. They turned out so nice! They both are! LOL

  12. Beautiful ATCs, Penny, and those jars are soooo realistic!

  13. Great project Penny
    glad your back to work and I can feel your joy...

    take care


  14. Penny. I hope you don't mind me posting this but it is a question about the Graphics 45 copy. I do acknowledge that you purchased the paper in the first place, but I believe that printed papers do not have a right to be reproduced in any form, including scanning in to resize. If I am wrong please correct me.
    Also, I know that you are a Christian as I am. Yes, I am *proud to proclaim* that I am a Christian, but I could never proclaim that I am a *very strong Christian* because effectively that is pride of the wrong kind, and we are all works in the making. Only God can judge the strength of our relationship with Him.
    I have been watching this blog quite carefully over the last couple of years, and whilst I do really admire your talent, I have been extremely disturbed by some of the back-biting that has gone on, particularly around the issue of the Black Cat machine recently and previously over Provocraft.
    The right response would have been to simply make a statement of the facts of truth, and then take the rest to God in prayer. He is the judge, and if vindication is needed then He will vindicate. It is essential not to defame people by rising to bait and publically bringing them down. It is not biblical, and is not the fruit of a *strong Christian*. Hudson Taylor said *move man through God by prayer alone*. Please let this be a blog where people can enjoy your work rather than get involved in slander against others. If there is an issue, please take it to God in prayer as He is more than able to deal with it and vindicate whoever is right.

    1. Mandi....because I "try" to allow comments of all kinds on my blog for people to voice their opinion....I choose to no longer tolerate hurtful or "backbiting" (your word) comments.......IF I receive any further hurtful comments of things I choose to share from this point forward they will be removed....With all due respect....this is MY BLOG....If I CHOOSE to take a stand for something I believe is MY CHOICE and I SHALL continue.....just as, is your choice to choose to no longer view my blog.......

      It seems as of late there is so much more people knit picking at others.....and quite frankly it needs to stop....IF someone doesn't have something uplifting and complimentary to say to another person that chooses to share their passion or their heart...then why take the time to comment.....lest someone is just trying to be hurtful.....

      As the person below states.....

      "Judge not, lest ye be judged"
      God knows what is in your heart, and that is all that really matters anyway.

      I'm not here on this world to please anyone by my Lord......And if I choose to proclaim that I am a VERY strong Christian....then you know what....It's My RIGHT!!!! So I will choose to say it again...I AM a VERY strong Christian.....

      I wish you a very blessed day!!

    2. Amen Penny.....and I know for a fact that YOU ARE a very STRONG Christian....
      Love you lady....and love your art....remember what I said!!!

  15. Penny these are beautiful. Loved the bottles. I will have to try that.
    Wanted to let you know I used your file for the hydrangea flowers for my Grand daughter's wedding. We made over 132 of these little flowers!
    As for the previous comment:
    As long as you don't sell the re-sized paper I see no problem.
    As for how you see yourself I see no problem.
    "Judge not, lest ye be judged"
    God knows what is in your heart, and that is all that really matters anyway.
    I am proud to consider you my friend, if only a cyber friend.
    Keep up the great work.

  16. Glad to hear you've had a fun weekend, Penny, despite recent criticisms. It is certainly your right to post exactly what you want about yourself - your conscience will direct you - and what goes on your own blog, too. I agree with you about negative comments - I've noticed across Youtube how offensive some of the comments are - even containing gross profanities which are horrible to read. If someone doesn't like something, they would do better simply to keep quiet, because a comment like that isn't going to change the post/video anyway, or the person's right to upload it, and it just causes upset. These things are a matter of personal opinion, and obviously you aren't going to please all of the people all of the time, and it's a waste of time and effort to attempt it - and destroys your peace of mind, too!

    Your most recent projects are lovely! I really like what you did with the jars and the roses. Beautiful! Nice to hear that your Cougar now has a name too - I like "Raven" very much. I hope she is behaving as well as you expected! They are such amazing machines, aren't they, and the support we get from Dawn and Sherri is second to none.


  17. Your ATC's are beautiful, Penny! Thank you for sharing the technique you used on those bottles and roses. How clever of you! (BTW, I think using your purchased papers printed, resized to your projects, is fine for your personal use. That's one of the reasons you purchase them to begin with, and then they are your property. You aren't selling them, nor are you sharing them as any kind of file, with others.)

    You are such a tease! ;) Your sneak peek is so...well, what can I say? I am going to be watching closely to see what that turns out to be.

    In God We STILL Trust

  18. Penny....I am so glad to see you create again...and I love all of it. This is the works of you putting these burdens at Jesus' feet and moving on....I think we need to pray for those who are struggling with hate...and lift THOSE individuals up! You my sister are doing just what the Lord is leading you to do. And I so respect you for that. And I can see the blessings through you and your art. Love you dearly.....

  19. Awesome Penny, I love the vases!

  20. Gorgeous!!!! I'm thrilled to see you creating again.. You are an amazing lady to deal with the negativity being thrown at you.. I pray those individual can overcome there hate and jealousy and enjoy art as you do.. You truly put your whole heart in what you create, DON'T let anyone take that from you...
    Love you!!♥

  21. Wow this is really pretty! I LOVE those bottles!

  22. These projects are fantastic Penny! Love to see your work as always...a true talent!

  23. Hi Penny

    great post - I love it when you've been able to create rather than people getting at you which makes you lose your mojo. I absolutely love your ATC's - I love the artwork - they would even look great as a greeting card for all types of occasions if you resized them a bit bigger...

    Wow - then we come to the one with the roses in the bottles... OMG. I had to look and look again because when you said they were just images, I just couldn't believe that's all it was, infact, I thought that Tim Holtz must have brought something new out (that are on the same line as those slides of glass etc that you put over things. Truly, they are that good that I thought they were real. I also thought you'd maybe printed them on printable acetate. Actually, imagine if you did print on printable acetate - that type you can manipulate using a heat gun... that would be good.

    I'm intrigued at what your next project is - it must be something fabulous if it is making you want to rush home from work to start on!!! I subscribe to your posts, so there's no chance of me missing it when you've finished. I'm also interested in the cut files you are teasing us with. Its always very generous of you to give them away - I hope i'd don't miss it by always reading my emails late!!!

    Big hugs and glad your mojo has returned

    Paula (UK) x x xx


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