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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Happy Thursday…….

Hey Everyone….Hope you’re continuing to have a WONDERFUL week!!! Mine is fantastic!!!!  Me and my new bestest buddy…..My Black Cat Cutter…..the Cougar….are having LOADS of fun getting to know each other!!!!  She does SUCH A BEAUTIFUL job on “clawing” the paper!!!! She takes her sharp claws and slices some of the prettiest designs you can imagine!!! Winking smile
So I needed to make some bookmarks for a Book Mark Swap in my ARTHaven group…..I KNEW I wanted to use my new" “kitty”….and I wanted to use some of Monica’s intricate border files……Have you checked out her website….OMG IF you have NOT… are REALLY MISSING OUT!!! She does some of the most breathtaking designs……..  Here’s her site if you’ve not been there……
WARNING……Be prepared to have LOTS OF TIME on your side….cause you’re GONNA NEED IT….Your mouth will water with all the GORGEOUS files she’s designed!!!!!!  Be sure to leave her some blog love too!!!! She CERTAINLY deserves it!!!!!
Ok…now back to what I MADE using HER designs……..I SO hope the person receiving these loves them as much as I do……
Check these out…..
PDC ARTHaven Bookmark Swap 4-19-2012 (3)
Now… I just have to give you better close up images…..I LOVE all of the detailed cuts….and YES My new Black Cat Cutter……”kitty”…..(haven’t found the perfect name for her yet)…….did with just a regular blade……..
PDC ARTHaven Bookmark Swap 4-19-2012 (1)
PDC ARTHaven Bookmark Swap 4-19-2012 (2)
PDC ARTHaven Bookmark Swap 4-19-2012 (4)
PDC ARTHaven Bookmark Swap 4-19-2012 (5)
PDC ARTHaven Bookmark Swap 4-19-2012 (7)
PDC ARTHaven Bookmark Swap 4-19-2012 (8)
Doesn’t my “kitty” “claw” the paper SO PRETTY!!!! LOVE them….  You can find each of these pattern designs on Monica’s website…here…..
I think it only fair if you’re interested in them you go directly to the source….as she is SO GRACIOUS to freely share these files……..
The  first Bookmark I used a LOT of ribbon but absolutely LOVE how it turned out…and yes…a bit labor intensive…….but the outcome I think is AWESOME!!!!
The second Bookmark I used some Tim Holtz paper from the Vintage Shabby paper stack then distressed a bit with a bit of a resist technique and some distress ink pads and embossing powder……and a wee bit of water……then added the sheer ribbon & brads…….
The third Bookmark I cut from just regular ole’ white 110# cardstock…then colored with TH Distress Inkpads and ink blending sponges….then coated with Perfect Medium and coated with clear embossing powder and embossed…..the I used heat fixed Rhinestones using my utility tool
with a flat heat element tip on it…(I much more prefer using this tool because it has tons of multi uses as apposed to a rhinestone setter).. and threaded the ribbon with a ribbon slide at the top……LOVE the impact of how this turned out…….
So…Do you like these?????  Didn’t my “kitty” do an AWESOME JOB!!!!  I sure hope you like them…
Now I need to go work on my youngest son’s corsages for his upcoming prom…..I finished his Graduation Announcements this past weekend…was VERY HAPPY how they turned out…….wanna see?????
I used my PDC Graduation Cap file and then also drew the PDCTassel File to hang off the cap with some embroidery floss…..attaching it to the cap with a black brad….well…..I didn’t have enough black brads on hand so I just took some silver ones and colored them with a black sharpie and they worked perfectly!!
I didn’t actually have the shield as an image….but my son had gotten his cap and gown last week and the collar he’s to wear has the school shield….So I took my Tablet Phone and snapped a picture of it then made it into a useable file……I think it came out pretty darn good….printed everything with my color laser printer……then added the Graduation cap with the Tassel to the front of the card with a bit of foam tape…..just to give the card a bit of pop……
I also included one of Dylan’s Senior pictures inside the invitation…..Here’s one of my favorites of my cutie patootie!!!!!  I’m SO proud of him….
Dylan Senior Pictures 7-20-2011 3
and as always…I want to THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me…….It always touches my heart and makes me SMILE when I know you’ve stopped by…..I so hope you’ll come by again…..I wish you all a VERY Blessed remainder of the week!!! Until next time…..


  1. OH MY GRACIOUS Penny Chrissy is going to flip over these!!! She will be getting book after book just to use them, as I know I would!! LOVE LOVE LOVE Dylan's Picture you are including in his announcements! *Hugs*

  2. Wow, beautiful bookmarks! I hope you won't be disappointed in mine!

  3. What a great bookmarks
    hugs Linda

  4. Beautiful projects Penny(aka Mom). Great job on the announcements as well!

  5. wow Penny!!! all so beautiful!

  6. Lovely pieces from Monica's borders, she is awesome isn't she! Beautiful announcements, and such a sweet picture of your son, you must be proud.

  7. Penny, they are wonderful bookmarks! I may have to borrow this idea someday. LOL I also like the grad invites, you have a cute son.

  8. Beautiful projects, and beautiful son!

  9. OMG, what exquisite bookmarks. Thank you so much for the link :o)
    Jackie xx

  10. Penny your creations are awesome,so glad to see some of your work again.
    God Bless,Jocelan

  11. Absolutely AWESOME. Did you get another cutter?

  12. You never cease to amaze and inspire me!! Thank you so much!!!
    p.s. - your son's a hottie!! ;o)

  13. Wow - you must be soooo proud of him Penny. My sons are just in the process of applying to college my eldest has taken a year out and my other son is just about to leave school. They want to do similar things - so who knows what the future brings for them

    I've visited Monica's side before, but couldn't remember her name so I thank you for featuring her on your blog today. I agree that she does some seriously fabulous cut files - and your examples and a great testiment to her work. They turned out fabulous. I have a Cameo and am happy with its performance so far. I designed my first thing earlier from scratch - just using circles - it turned out OK for a bit of a 'play' just to practice and see what all the different commands do.

    Unfortuately, I never downloaded your shapely files when you offered them up for free - despite me visiting often, I never downloaded them because I could never understand how to do it, so imagine when I got my Cameo with Silhouette Designer Edition that can actually open up SVG's(and other stuff). Can I ask you what software you used to design things Penny. I don't have any fancy expensive stuff, but wondered about the benefit of Inkscape. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    best wishes as always

    Paula x x x

  14. I have cut some of Monica's designs. She is a fabulous designer. Beautiful work. Thank you for reminding me about her site, that she is so kind to offer.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  15. The bookmarks are so fun and gorgeous!! Those grad announcements are lovely... like the added cap.

  16. The bookmarks are gorgeous and your "kitty" did a great job on Monica's fabulous file. You and she are both very talented ladies.
    Congratulations to your "cutie Patootie". We have one in our family also...a Tennessee! Now there are two of them in that state!!!

  17. What a handsome young man. I can see why you are so proud of him. The announcements are wonderful. You constantly amaze me. Great bookmarks.

  18. Wow oh wow wow wow Penny! I'm out of date! So you've got a Cougar! I am so thrilled for you! Sheba says hi to your new kitty, and so glad you are instantly waltzing together so beautifully - those book marks are stunning! Congratulations too to Dylan on his graduation and hope he has a wonderful time at his prom. You must be one very proud mum!!

    I'm so pleased to read about all this. So thrilling! God bless you all.


  19. Oh my goodness- these bookmarks are fabulous!!! The ribbons are such a nice accent too- lucky swap ladies! Wow- you have quite the handsome son- awesome picture and love your great grad announcement. Your work is just fabulous!!!

  20. the bookmarks are so beautiful. what a great job you did! What a great idea about the 'tool' you used. I have had one for years and never really used it very much. I certainly will now. Graduation announcements are so elegant looking. Love them.

  21. Congrats to Dylan.. and wish him all the best...
    LOVE LOVE LOVE your new kitties designs... what a GREAT job she did on those VERY intricate bookmarks... Can't wait to see what you name her..

  22. So, just curious. Why did you get a Cougar after having the Lynx? I went straight for the Cougar (kinda like skipping the double dog dare and going straight to the triple). Fondly, Tami

  23. I love your bookmarks - I had just been looking at Monica's page as well. I really like the threaded ribbon too - a lovely idea.

  24. Penny -- my daughter graduates in 2 weeks and your graduation announcement gave me inspiration. I bought my card stock as we wanted to make them instead of buying the stock school ones. Thank you for posting yours.

  25. wow Penny, these are awesome. Congrats to Dylan. :)

  26. Gorgeous bookmarks - each a work of art! Handsome young man too!


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