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Friday, March 16, 2012

It’s FRIDAY and I played with paper!!!

Hey Everyone….How is that for the  start of a weekend!!! I’m so proud of myself!!

I needed to get my ATC’s done on time this month for the swap I host monthly in my ARTHaven Creations & Friendships group…I wanted to try and use some of my supplies that I’ve been hoarding forever and just usually don’t use……so the first thing was to FORCE and I do mean FORCE myself to use some of the most GORGEOUS handmade paper that a very very dear friend of mine…Chrystal Schilling makes….check out here store here….

When I tell you I’m hoarding it…..LOL I’m not kidding..she dated one set she sent me…’s dated 2009!!!! And why do I hoard it….BECAUSE like these I made….I used my most favorite piece that was white with purple all through…with real flower pieces in it….It’s SO PRETTY!!!!! 

I wanted to stamp on it and use some of my Faber Castelle Gelatos….I’ve probably had these for well over a year….and never used them……You know what…they are SUPER SUPER easy and FUN to use!!!!  I used some stamps….just took the gelatos and colored directly onto the stamps…..then right before stamping I spritz with water and then stamp….super super fun and EASY!!!! 

The handmade paper by Chrystal Schilling took the stamping SO WELL with the Distress Ink in the Black Soot and also the Faber Castelle Gelatos….and I went around the edges of the paper with some Crushed Olive Distress Ink and my ink distresser…….used a bit of ribbon….one of my PDC Roses and a couple of purchased roses I’ve had in my stash for eons….wanna see how the ATC’s turned out????

PDC March ATC Swap ARTHaven 3-16-2012 (2)

PDC March ATC Swap ARTHaven 3-16-2012 (5)

PDC March ATC Swap ARTHaven 3-16-2012 (6)PDC March ATC Swap ARTHaven 3-16-2012 (7)

Okie Dokie…That does it for me tonight….I hear my pillow calling my name…Must have my rest so I can play with paper some more!!!! Winking smile  Thank you SO much for stopping by to visit with me!!! I pray you all have a very blessed weekend and I hope you’ll come by and visit with me again….Until next time…


  1. Good morning Penny. I can beat you on the hoarding papers. On my latest card I have used papers bought in, wait for it, 2005! and I have loads more to use up that I bought in the same year LOL.
    I am not an ATC person but I do love these although I would be guilty of attaching them to cards as toppers :o)
    Jackie xx

  2. WOUW these are so gorgeous Penny. You really did an awesome job here, and the result is amazing, these ATC´s are soooooooo beautiful, but it´s also some really awesome paper. I can tell you, that you´re not alone in hording paper he he he. I admit, I´m totally addicted to gorgeous paper, and it´s all just beautoful isn´t it? he he he In my eyes most papers are, and I have many sheets, I can´t bare to cut in, because I can´t get anymore of it. Hubby keeps saying I´m nutty, but I just love √•retty papers ha ha ha.
    Have a wonderful week-end and hopefully we´ll see some more awesome creations from you later again then?

  3. Gorgeous!!!
    I need to practice more on making the roses. Mine look hideous!!

  4. Hey Penny,
    I love your flowers. I'm sure the camera doesn't do them justice. I have a question about coffee filter roses. You did a post July 2010 using your cricut (BAD WORD) to make coffee filter roses. How did you keep them from ripping on the mat?

    Linda Hawn

  5. Penny, your ATC cards are gorgeous! Colors, layers, everything!

  6. Gorgeous and I checked out her paper, it is beautiful!

  7. What a gorgeous creation
    hugs Linda

  8. Very nice! I really like the sentiment on this one. =)

  9. Such wonderful cards Penny, i,m glad you are enjoying your paper playing once more.

  10. I hoard more then paper! It's really dumb isn't it? You buy the pretties to put on cards and stuff so you have pretties going out and then you can't bare to use them.
    I am working on that too. Anyway, they turned out gorgeous!

  11. They turned out gorgeous!!! I think we all hoard papers and embellies....LOL!!

  12. Penny you have done it again,they are beautiful,I love the saying it is so true,sometimes we seem to forget about that,Iam sitting in a Hotel in Kelowna British Columbia celebrating our 50th annniversary.Just had time to check out your blog.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. Golly Gee that is just amazing! They are stunning.

  14. What lovely ATC's...can't wait to receive one! Mine have been mailed to you!

  15. These are beautiful!!! The colors are so fresh and springy! excelent job.

  16. They are beautiful! I'm sure the recipients are going to love them.

  17. Well now, didn't you start off your weekend in a fun and productive way?!?! Good for you. Great job on those ATCs, they turned out beautiful!
    Isn't funny how we hoard things sometimes. It really doesn't make sense, what's the use of having it, if we aren't going to make something beautiful with it and no one sees it? But I think most of us do just what you do. LOL. I know I have a ton of supplies that I seem to be keeping just because they are so beautiful. One day I'll use them, right?

  18. Ooooh, I love these, especially the way you randomly colored the raised dots. Beautiful!!!

  19. Penny your ATC's are gorgeous! I love seeing you use my papers in your ART! Your talent is amazing! :) Love ya!

  20. These have turned out gorgeous Penny. That paper is exquisite!

    I have plenty of things that I haven't even touched - some of it is machinery lol!

    Results like these make it hard to understand why you haven't used the papers before - but by the same token - can totally understand... I know that doesn;t make sense - same as our other halves never 'get' us and our paper hoarding habits lol.

    Happy crafting (I know I'm way behind on catching this post and commenting)!!!

    Paula x x x


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