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Sunday, October 16, 2011

FALL is in the AIR……

Hey Everyone had Happy Sunday to you all!!!! I hope you’ve all enjoyed a WONDERFUL weekend!!! It’s been a beautiful breezy weekend and I’ve had lots of fun in my ARTHaven!!!!
I had a couple of swaps I needed to work on that I’m involved in….in my ARTHaven Creations group……it’s the first time in a while I’ve spent a weekend creating for fun!!!!  I totally enjoyed myself and in the process created a couple of new cut files….”maybe” some will be interested in them……but now I want to show you my creations!!!!!
The first one I fell in love with while making it…..It was a swap based from a purse design Kathy at AquaRaine’s ART Journal has hosted in the group…..we had a rough drawing to go from which then I took and created into a cut file with the extras I wanted to use in the creation of my piece….I was tickled with the way it came out…..

I’m not sure if you can see it here……but I managed to give the backround of the purse a bit of a “shiney leathery” look……quite by accident but was very happy with the results….I had created a lacey overlay and in order to attach it I decided to fun the entire card base through my xyron to make it sticky…..I applied the lacey overlay then it left all of the open spaces  as sticky…so I decided to coat with clear embossing powder and heat emboss…I was very pleased with the results….
I created a magnet closer with this which is why I have the Diva portion on the inside……
Then the next swap I needed to work on was for an ATC Swap with a Fall Theme that I’m hosting in my ARTHaven Creations group… was fun making them and I knew I wanted to incorporated some of my leaves……so here’s what I came up with……

Isn’t it cute!!! I thought they all turned out adorable…I wanted something to make the ATC pop so I decided to put glitter on the moon…..I think it gave it just the right amount of pop!!!!  I had fun making it!!!!
So now….IF anyone is interested I’m going to share with you a few files I made for these pieces and some others I had made earlier in the week…..perhaps some might find them useful?????

Okie Dokie….That’s it for me for tonight….I SO hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve shared and perhaps might find a use for a few of them?????  As always…THANK YOU so much for stopping by to visit with me……I do so hope you will come by again…and I would like to wish you all a VERY blessed week ahead!!!! Until next time….

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