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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Saturday!!!!

Hey Everyone…I hope you’re all having a WONDERFUL Saturday!!!!!  I am…I’ve already been playing a little this morning….Yesterday I allowed myself a trip to Joann’s, Hobby Lobby and Michaels….It’s so FUN cause they have lots of goodies shown at CHA!!!!
Our Hobby Lobby now has a section dedicated to Tim Holtz and all his new items and I got several of them….most I already had but did get his ruler, tape, stick pins, clamps, more of the alcohol ink colors I didn’t already have, 2 of the three paper stacks……can’t remember what else…..hummmmm…They even had his new embossing folders….course…I already ordered them online..just HAD to have them!!!
They also have other new goodies..they’re carrying Shimmer Mist as well as Joann’s…..and HL has Smooches…….I thought of a very dear friend when I saw those…….So many other goodies…too many to mention but you MUST check them out….I hope they continue on this trend…however I’m sure hubbs hopes not!!! LOL
But while looking at the Shimmer Mists….I just can’t justify the cost for the amount of product….yes yes…..I’m “thrifty”……so I went ahead and took the plunge and bought some Mini Mister bottles…already had 3 of them but I bought 2 more packs……I also got some Potion No. 9 (which is supposed to allow the water based inks to soak better into the paper…I gotta say…it really works!!!) Along with my White Rain Hairspray (the pump kind), my Potion No. 9, Reinkers (I used Distress Inks  this time….and some of my Walnut Stains in Eucalyptus AND the Walnut color), and Perfect Pearls…I made my own…..I had SO much fun making them…..

I made sure I labeled the bottles so I’ll be able to make them again…you’ll notice the lone one without the label…LOL Well it was one  that I had something else in before and added some really old dye based reinker that I’ve had for years and years…not even sure I can get it anymore….but its called Raspberry from Personal Stamp Exchange….and I used Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls with it……..It’s the bright pink flower petals you see…I LOVE the color….usually very outside my box…but I love how they turned out!!!!!
If anyone is interested the color combinations for the colors I made up I’ll share here….
  • Milled Lavendar Distress Ink / Forever Violet Perfect Pearls
  • Red Brick Distress Ink / Perfect Bronze Perfect Pearls
  • Mahogany Distress Ink / Forever Red Perfect Pearls
  • Antique Linen Distress Ink / Perfect Pearl Perfect Pearls
  • Peeled Paint Distress Ink / Forever Green Perfect Pearls
  • Mustard Seed Distress Ink / Perfect Gold Perfect Pearls
  • Eucalyptus Walnut Stains / Green Patina Perfect Pearls
  • Walnut Walnut Stains / Heirloom Gold Perfect Pearls
UPDATE:  I had a request for me to share My RECIPE for how I made MY Shimmer Spritzers… here goes:….
  • I used about 2 eyedroppers of Ink Potion No. 9 by Tsukineko (this is what’s supposed “encourage migration of any water-based ink”….it REALLY DOES work)
  • I pour White Rain hair spray (the pump kind) to fill about 3/4 full…….
  • I then put about 3 eyedroppers of the Distress Reinkers (you can add more or less…your choice…but I found this gave great color)
  • I then put 2 “scoops” of Perfect Pearls (not large scoops…but little heaping scoops…hope that makes sense)
Then I put on the cap and shook really well……..TaDa…that’s it…then I put a label on them so I can remember the colors used…..
Ok….That’s it for me for now!!!!!   Back to playin’ I go……Thanks for stopping by to visit with me!!!!!!  I hope you all have a VERY blessed day and I hope you’ll stop by again!!!! Until next time!!!
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