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Saturday, July 31, 2010

A new Card Design…

Hey Everyone….I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!!!!! Mine is being spent in my ARTHaven and I’m having a wonderful time!!!
I had a request a couple days ago on a PopUp Front Card……so I thought I would work up a couple designs So here’s the mock up of the cards I created…..

NOTE:  I had created a tutorial on how to create these type cards for yourself……but due to several complaints on the audio of the program I decided to remove the tutorial….the 2nd half of the tutorial was perfect as I used the software with my webcam however the first portion (which is the most important portion for this tutorial) was done using Snap 3 by AShampoo and it has gotten increasingly worse on the audio portion…Therefore until I can find a better software I prefer for screen recording I won’t be able to share this tutorial or any onscreen tutorials…….I’m very sorry so many were unhappy…..I apologize….
Now….IF you like these cards designs…and you would like to have the files….you may find them here….

Then….thought I would go ahead and share with you I had a request for a new Shaplie design….It’s a Horse Shoe…..If you would like to have this one you may find it below….

Ok….That catches me up for now!!!!!! As always….THANK YOU for stopping by to visit with me….would LOVE to hear what you  think!!!!!!   I also hope you will come by again….and have a very blessed Weekend!!!!!! Until next time….

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