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Hello Everyone...after much thought I have decided once again to share my cutting files with you all....If you are interested there is a link at the top of my blog underneath the header which will take you to my download site for the files.....Please be aware...while browsing through my previous blogposts... when you find a file you like.....the link for that image is will need to go to the link at the top of my blog to do a search for the file to it is too time consuming to go through each and every post and correct the links for the files. I trust you will all understand this.
I too, will again offer the entire collection for purchase on DVD if anyone would be will find the option for that in my store....As I create new files they will be complied on a DVD in the future for those who prefer to combine that way.

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Friday, June 18, 2010

Yet Another Shaplie Request….

Hey Everyone….Happy Friday Evening!!!! Was just reading email and had a request for a smaller scalloped Oval Shaplie so I figured I would go ahead and work it up real quick… here it is if anyone is interested in it!!!  Hope I’m not boring you all with these Nesties…I just know I love them and I think they are really pretty cool to use in my ART!!!!!!

Okie dokie…..Now….back to your regularly scheduled program!!! ;)  LOL…I’m SUCH the comedian….LOL…NOT!!  I hope you all have a very blessed weekend!!!!  THANK YOU for stopping by…Hope you will come again…..
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Carolina Girl said...

Love the nesties....this will be an added fun svg group for my projects... thank you for sharing!

Becki Jo said...

Thank you so very much for sharing all of these nesties. Love having them in my collection.

TFS !!

linda from vegas said...

Thank you Penny! No matter what you make, I love it and will find a use for it. Thank you for sharing with us.

Diane Marsh said...

Not been following you very long I know....but boring???....never! you make 'em..I will use 'em!

Caroline said...

Now it is my turn to thank you for the comment left on my Blog. and a HUGE thankyou for responding to my request so quickly. I use my KNK Maxx (software and cutter) to create a lot of cards and have always found this particular shape a pain to create :) Thankyou again!!

Vicki said...

Hello Penny! Oh my gosh you have been very busy! I love the new nesties and was hoping some day you would have a star! These are all awesome and will come in handy with card making and scrapbooking! Hope your weather gets least not so hot. We had storms come through last night that were a little intense and was hoping that would cool things off a little but the weather man says and HUMID! But at least the sun is shinning! I hope your weekend is an awesome one. Bless you for sharing with us.


myrtlerjohnson said...

I linked to your blog from Paper and Flowers. I can't imagine anyone thinking that you were boring! Thank you so much for sharing your talent.


Judy said...

Thanks you much for all the wonderful nesties.

The last two nesties (SVG) I have downloaded end in .svg.xml. Is this correct?

Mary said...

Thank you so much for the answer to my question. I have also posted a link on my blog so others can see your great work. Thanks again

Janine said...

Hi! I just wanted to congratulate you on 180,000 visitors! That is very impressive, as are you! Have a great day.

Trisha said...

Thank you! I love all your nesties! I don't think I will ever tire of them!

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed. Thank you!

Cheryl said...

Thank you for sharing your files with us!

kswjeff said...

Thanks! I have so been needing an scalloped oval nestie! Thanks for all your great files!

Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,

Just to let you know in case anyone else is having the same problem.

I downloaded your small scallop and postage stamp nesties but could not see them when I went to open them in SCAL or MTC. I could see them as blank icons in my download folder and at first couldn't quite understand what was happening as I haven't had a problem with your files before.

Then I realised that they had downloaded with an underscore following the .svg file extension. When I removed that underscore the blank icon became the usual svg icon and I could also open them in both SCAL and MTC.

Thank you so much for all your work with these files - it is very much appreciated!


Anonymous said...

My apologies! I didn't see your Home page until after I had posted the above comment so hadn't realised that you had already posted on that problem. :o)


Sheila said...

Thank you so much for thanking me!! You are extremely talented and we are the lucky ones to have you!!!!

Thanks again,