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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Thursday.....

Good Morning Everyone.....I hope you are all having a VERY Blessed day today!!!!  It's THURSDAY....only 1 more day til FRIDAY!!!!  Ok....just wanted to show you some REALLY cool things......the first is the next playing card inline for my group ARTHaven Creations & Friendship   this one is the Ace of came together very quickly for me last night and I am quite pleased with it......very simple...but I think it has a really nice impact!!!  Whatcha' think?


Then NEXT.......this is SO cool!!!!!  I learned these next 2 techniques from some AMAZING ARTists on the SCALhints group....Anyway...the first is a way to make your own STICKY DOTS!!!!  And it's WONDERFUL......

All you need is the Aileen's Tack it Over and Over glue which comes in a bottle...there's a picture in the image for you to see.....and you make whatever size dots or lines you want...some have suggested putting on the glossy side of butcher paper...pretty much anything with a slick surface will do...I chose to use some thin CD cases I have that I don't use and it works PERFECTLY......allow to dry THOROUGHLY and WHOLA!!! Sticky Dots!!!!!  I know, you probably think....WHY?????   BUT, when you think about spend approximately $4.00 for a roll of "sticky" dots.........and you get 300 dots......well this way you can make THOUSANDS for pennies!!!!  PLUS you can make them whatever size you want!!!!!

The next REALLY REALLY REALLY cool CHEAP technique is homemade "color soft".....that's not the actual word...but when you see this, I know you'll know what I'm talking about.....I was going to give the link to the tutorial....but it's already been made a private video.........I think that's because it's such an AWESOME find!!!!!  Ok......Here's the picture of how mine looked when I made some last night.....

All I did was rubbed my sytrofoam items together to make dust..........then I used some of my reinkers....some are using food coloring, spritzers...just whatever you can come up with that works for you...I've found working with my craft sheet is WONDERFUL......I drop a few droplets of my reinkers onto my craft mat.....took a spray bottle of water and spritzed it a couple of times onto the craft mat as well then took a  spatula type item and mixed the styrofoam dust together with the reinker and water until it was all mixed and I had the depth of color I wanted my "color soft" to be......WHOLA!!!!  I allowed to dry over night and it's AWESOME....I can't WAIT to try it out on some flowers......I've been told any glue will work but what is used mostly with the OTHER "color soft" is Aileen's TACKY's just repackaged...which makes sense......

UPDATE!!!!! - I'm SO excited to get to share with you that I have been in contact with the AWESOME Lady that created the tutorial for the technique I just shared above....her name is Holly Young and she deserves proper credit for her WONDERFUL idea!!!!!!  She has edited her tutorial and is now able to share with the world so check out her tutorial on making "color fluff"  here:   THANK YOU HOLLY!!!! Girl you ROCK!!!

So.....wasn't these 2 techniques PRETTY DARN COOL!!!!  I'm SUPER excited cause it's an AWESOME way to save $$$$$ for other goodies!!!!!!

Ok....That's it for me today!!! I hope you find these techniques fun....As ALWAYS.....THANK YOU for coming by to visit with me.....I hope you all have a VERY VERY BLESSED DAY!!! Please come by again...until next time....


  1. Oh, Penny, I LOVE your Ace of Diamonds card!!! It's sooooo pretty!

    Thanks for the two tutorials, too!! Saving money is so important, especially around this time of year! I'll be sure to try these :)

  2. Love the ace of diamonds. You are just so creative. Wish I had you creativity. I haven't tried the glue dots, but this weekend bet you I will.

  3. PENNY!!! You are so full of it!!! FABULOUS INFORMATION that is...and TALENT. Beautiful BeJeweled card!!

  4. How super fun to visit and find such awesome information...already tested and proven to work! I love the idea of making my own sticky dots and will surely follow up on it. I like the color soft too and your Ace of Diamonds in wonderful.
    Thanks for sharing, dear friend!

  5. I'm so happy to have found your blog!! Your ace of diamonds is wonderful!! And the information on home-made glue dots and color soft is priceless!! Thank you! I'll be back!!

  6. I had to make that video private because the owners of FS asked me to remove the name of their product from my video. The edited video is here

    I'm glad you like it, and your card looks great!

  7. Thanks for this wonderful info, Penny! Always one for a bargain!!!

    I LOVE your ACE card too! Coooool!!

  8. Penny - Both links to the Youtube video are coming up "Private" for me. Is there any way to access this video?

  9. Your work is always so pretty.

    I love making my own glue dots and using them on cards. One thing is though it is not archival quality. All of Alene's glues are except for the "Tack it over and over."

    I love the color fluff and will have to make some.

    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Thanks for these two great ideas. I'll be trying both this coming week.


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